Two Moons Mountain Fortress


Two Moons Mountain Fortress is a temple in the mountains in Southern China. It is unknown when the temple was built but it exists in the Ancient Juncture and continued to exist until it was burned down in the Contemporary Juncture.

A potent feng shui site, Two Moons Mountain Fortress was the home of Master Gan Nuwang and Fletcher Truls in the Contemporary Juncture. Fletcher was raised there by Master Gan until the temple was burned by forces unknown and Master Gan went missing.

Fletcher learned that Master Gan had been betrayed and the temple burned by Li Shuang, the Traitor Monk, who had been a member of the Guiding Hand with Master Gan.

Fletcher and the Dragons travelled to the Ancient Juncture and discovered the eunuch sorcerer Fang Wei had established a base there, attempting to use magic to transform children into adults and infuse them with Master Gan’s martial arts ability.

The Dragons defeated Fang Wei and restored control of the temple to Master Gan.

Master Gan remained at Two Moons Mountain Fortress in the Ancient Juncture, where he adopted the kidnapped children as students and allowed the Dragons and the children to attune to the feng shui site.

Two Moons Mountain Fortress

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