Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-12-02

Attempting to prevent the launch of an app which will expose billions of people to pop music which will literally brainwash them, The Dragons trace a mysterious signal to a secret Cosmodrome in the mountains of Kazakhstan near Baikonur.



We see the South peak of Hua Mountain, in the Ancient Juncture. Its rocky surface is covered with snow, and the blizzard beats down. As we get closer, we can see a solitary figure leaping from one rocky crag to the next. It is Akiko. She’s bundled from head to toe in stealthy gear from ancient Japan.

She reaches the peak of the mountain and pushes through the snowy woods to the doors of the Abundant Heart Cloister. As she approaches, the cloister bell rings.

Sergeant Chang

Sergeant Chang stands before his Lieutenant in the Kowloon Police Precinct. On the TVs behind him are news reports that gangster Ugly Shing’s condition has improved enough to move him into the Stanley Prison in Hong Kong.

The Lieutenant gives Sergeant Chang a compliment, then hands him a folder with his next assignment. Chang opens the folder and his eyes go wide. He has dreaded receiving this order, but he salutes the Lieutenant and starts organizing his men.

Dick Manly

Dick Manly is driving down the Pacific Coast Highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. He is driving a white 1986 Ferrari Testarossa, like the one driven by Sonny Crockett on Miami Vice. He’s speaking into a cellphone as synth-driven guitar rock plays on the speakers.

Brick hears his message later:

  • Hey bro
  • Mom’s having second thoughts about the place in Hong Kong
  • All the violence there
  • She wants to know when you’re gonna settle down
  • Maybe you could convince her, I don’t know

Baikonur Cosmodrome

Agent 47

Agent 47 has been abducted by GHIDORA leader Ma Yujun and is being held inside the Cosmodrome. He slips out of his handcuffs and bides his time before escaping.

Ma Yujun explains to him that the mysterious signal they are broadcasting will work together with the subliminal messages within Magdalena’s music to expose anyone who listens to two-way surveillance by GHIDORA. They will be able to listen in and send signals to the brains of anyone who has experienced Magdalena’s music—an estimated four billion people once her free app goes live.

Everyone Else

In the mountains near the Cosmodrome, Brick Manly, Fletcher, and Mitsu watch as a rocket lifts off into space with a vintage Russian space shuttle mounted on its back. The rocket contains intrepid reporter Lakshmi Chopra as a hostage.

They further observe as Agent 47 is led by GHIDORA soldiers across the landing strip toward a second space shuttle.

Brick takes a large chunk of bark from a tree and sleds down the snowy hill, shouting “Brick Manly!”

Cosmodrome Fight

Agent 47 leaps free of the soldiers. Mitsu slices a tree and runs down the trunk as it falls toward the landing strip. Fletcher skates down the side of the hill on the snow.

Together The Dragons make short work of Ma Yujun and his soldiers. Ma attempts to fend off the Dragons with a massive machine gun and dozens of soldiers carrying assault rifles.

Brick takes a few hits from the soldiers’ guns but closes on Ma Yujun and manages to knock him out.

Mitsu faces a GHIDORA thug called Mr Katsuhiro, who wears reinforced metal braces on his arms. The battle is short, and Mitsu takes him out.

Inside the Cosmodrome

Agent 47 leads the way into the Cosmodrome itself, where they take the control room. They destroy the computer controlling the launch of Magdalena’s app, preventing the app from launching.

One of the technicians tells the heroes that there is still a signal coming from the moon. If that signal is not stopped, anyone who listens to Magdalena will find themselves unable to get her songs out of their head, leading to mania and insanity.

Brick Manly enters the room in a bulky cosmonaut suit and says “We’re going to the moon!”

In the Shuttle

They strap into the shuttle and Agent 47 does his best to work out the Russian shuttle controls. The ship launches.

Before they can leave the Earth’s atmosphere, the shuttle is hailed by a pair of Russian fighters, demanding they cancel their launch. Agent 47 uses his knowledge of Russian bureaucracy to stall the fighters until the shuttle reaches the upper atmosphere.

The fighters launch missiles at the shuttle, but the missiles lose power and can’t reach the shuttle as it exits the Earth’s atmosphere and heads for the Moon.

On the Moon

They reach the shuttle’s destination and find a secret base on the Moon—it looks like it was originally a Russian design, but it is currently operational and controlled by GHIDORA.

Agent 47 steers the shuttle to a rough landing in front of the base, and the group enters through an airlock. They’re faced with a squad of GHIDORA soldiers, who fly out the airlock when the Dragons open it.

Inside the Moonbase

Inside the base the heroes face more GHIDORA soldiers and a Gene Freak called Silverfish, who is green and stretchy.

They freeze Silverfish with coolant and shatter him into pieces, before following GHIDORA agent Rose Yang and facing off against her. She is attempting to flee with Lakshmi Chopra, but the heroes overpower her.

They leave her alive and find they have just enough spacesuits and just enough space in the single working shuttle to return to Earth with Lakshmi and Rose.

Setting the Moonbase to self-destruct, the Dragons take off and crash land the shuttle’s landing pod in Hong Kong bay.

Back in Hong Kong

Rose Yang agrees to go to work for the Towson sisters at IKTV in the Netherworld, in an attempt to escape GHIDORA’s grasp. The heroes head toward their HQ in Chungking Mansions.

When they approach, they see police cars and vans have surrounded the building and are unloading boxes full of equipment from the basement of Chungking Mansions. Smoke floats out of the stairwell and people mill around, confused.

Sergeant “Eyebrows” Chang spots The Dragons, and tells them he had no choice, the order came from his superiors. The government has traced illegal computer activity to this location—bypassing firewalls, hacking government servers, etc.

There is no sign of Couch Potato and Sergeant Chang says the police don’t have him.

The heroes head off in search of a new portal to escape into the Netherworld.


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