Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-08-12

Dragon Boat Rumble


The situation since the Community Centre:

The Norman Road Community Centre was burned to the ground. In the debris were discovered several bodies, identified mainly through dental records.

Natalie Chan

Natalie Chan, administrator. Died from multiple gunshot wounds.

The news indicates that triad warfare is suspected.

Employees and Volunteers

6 Community Centre employees and 4 volunteers. Best indications are that all died of either smoke inhalation or from burning alive. 1 body was found in the gym, 1 body in the lobby, and the remainder were found tied up in the break room.

Eyebrows Chang

Sgt. Eyebrows Chang sees the heroes in hospital. He asks them what they know about the Norman Road Massacre.

If they tell him it was Ugly Shing, he’s furious about it. Shing is powerful and connected. The cops don’t have enough hard evidence to bring him in for questioning, much less to arrest him.

Gordon Chan

Natalie Chan had a husband, Gordon, and a daughter, Siu-Ming. Gordon Chan meets the heroes in hospital. Natalie told Gordon about the help the heroes had given her and thanks them for it.


Toto is on life support in the hospital. She was badly wounded by a sword in the battle.

She is in a medically-induced coma until she can be stabilized. Her condition is critical.

Dragon Boat Festival

Several weeks have passed, Fletcher has recovered and the Dragon Boat Festival is coming up.

The heroes have to fight off some low-level street triads looking to move up on their way to the Dragon Boat Festival. Brick is wounded but Fletcher helps patch him up.

The heroes meet their friends at the Dragon Boat Festival:

  • Brick meets Julie Li
  • Fletcher meets Geomancer Xiahou Yan
  • Mitsu meets Akiko
  • Agent 47 goes solo


The event is festive and the heroes play carnival games. Fletcher wins a big stuffed dragon from a shooting gallery.

Mitsu wins a big stuffed dragon for Akiko. Akiko buys a love charm which she gives to Brick as a necklace.

Akiko and Julie Li have Brick in a tough spot as they vie for his attention.

Chickens and Frogs

Chaos erupts as a bunch of loose chickens start flapping around in the street. The owners of a nearby food cart insist they brought only eggs, not chickens.

Some frogs are discovered hopping around near a tadpole-pond.

The Painting of the Eye

The VIP who is painting the eye of the dragon boat is the Chief Administrator of the hospital where Natalie Chan works.

As he paints the eye he starts to writhe around and, before everyone’s eyes, he transforms into a large Chinese dragon!

The Dragon

The dragon seems pained and weak, diving immediately under the water.

The heroes fight off more random animal occurrences as Fletcher makes a connection with the Dragon, trying to convince him they can help him.

A man transforms into a Bear and Mitsu and Brick wrestle it into submission.

Brick calls Couch Potato and gets a message from Madam Ko—if you see a Transformed Dragon, kill it!

Eventually it becomes clear that the Dragon may be in pain but it can’t transform on its own. The heroes fight the Dragon and Agent 47 ends its misery with a shot to the eye.


The heroes discover an old magician selling charms who claims he didn’t know anything about there being Transformed Dragons or Bears here. He was just performing some simple spells as a trick, to make baby animals grow up into adult animals.

Eyebrows Chang takes the Magician into custody and thanks the heroes.


The heroes fail their second Advancement roll.

Sites Attuned: 1
Sites Burned: 0
Advancements: 1
Failed Advancement Rolls: 2


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