Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-07-29

Fight For The Mine Part II

Final Fight

The final fight consists of spending time with the machine as it processes iron ore into steel, while under assault by Elias Conroy and his entire crew.

The Chinese geomancer turns out to be an actual Sorcerer!

Fix the Converter

The Converter device was broken in the chase and repaired, so it breaks down during the fight and Agent 47 is able to use his mechanical skills to get it working.

Help the Miners

The Sorcerer Cao Zhang collapsed the opening of the mine. A couple of men are trapped in the rubble and will need help being freed. More men are trapped inside the cave but their air won’t start to run out until after the fight.

Mitsu successfully saves most of the miners from being trapped by slicing up the collapsed rubble.

Cao Zhang

Lotus Sorcerer Cao Zhang at first spends his shots doing damage to the structures. He’s trying to prevent the Converter from working and he’s trying to wound or injure the miners working on it.


Brand Larson is back. So is Diablo, he’s perched somewhere out of sight, sniping with his rifle.

Many of Elias Conroy’s roughnecks are riding throughout the camp, firing on the heroes and the miners and trying to destroy the converter.


Agent 47 calls out Elias Conroy and the two of them face off in the midst of the chaos. They have an intense staredown and Agent 47 draws first, seriously wounding Elias, who falls to the ground, unconscious.

Walton Conroy

Walton Conroy sends some men around the mountain with dynamite to try to blow up the mountainside.

At this point Cao Zhang resists, because the feng shui of this site is strong and he doesn’t want to ruin that.


Fletcher is almost-mortally wounded but he makes continued appeals to Cao Zhang that they don’t want to fight him. Cao Zhang eventually relents when he sees what a dope Walton is and Fletcher and the heroes clearly have more honor.

Cao Zhang kills Walton Conroy.

He tells the heroes they may meet again, but perhaps not on such friendly terms.

A new site

The converter is working, producing steel from the mine’s iron!

Stanley Manly’s invention is proven and his workers are enthusiastic about continuing to develop the mine.

The heroes attuned to the Manly Mine, a minor feng shui site, making this their first attunement and granting them their first Advancement.


They return to the Contemporary Juncture, where they learn that Manly’s family went on to become prosperous and wealthy. Ed Masterson never became involved in the Chi War and he lives happily at home, chief foreman of the mine.

Brick Manly became embroiled in the Chi War when investigating the suspicious characters offering to buy the mine. He’s estranged from his wealthy family because of his rambunctious adventures.


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