Thousand-Year Bloom

The Thousand-Year Bloom is a sacred, magical flower watched over by the Hua Clan of martial artists at the Abundant Heart Cloister, on the South peak of Hua Mountain in the Ancient Juncture.

The flower’s bloom is rare, thus its name, growing only once every few years. The flower will bloom but its bloom requires a sacrifice of blood to open fully.

Once the bloom has opened, from it can be extracted a powerful sleeping poison, or the antidote for its poison.

At some time in the past, the Hua clan sold the bloom’s poison to a clan of ninjas hired by gangster Ugly Shing. The ninjas used the poison on a young girl named Toto in a battle at the Norman Road Community Centre, putting Toto in a coma.

The Dragons travelled to the Ancient Juncture and retried the flower to extract the antidote and cure Toto of its effects.

It is unknown if or when the Thousand-Year Bloom will grow again.

Thousand-Year Bloom

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