Norman Road Community Centre

The Norman Road Community Centre was a recreation and community center in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district run by administrator Natalie Chan. It was also a minor feng shui site.

The Dragons previously met Natalie Chan and invested in the community center when they visited it and fought off gangsters belonging to Ugly Shing’s triads. Ugly Shing had been attempting to bully Natalie Chan into selling him the land so he could benefit from its feng shui.

Later, the Dragons visited the community center to attune to it, as they were part owners and investors. Ugly Shing’s gang attacked again, using a hired clan of ninjas to infiltrate the site and ambush the Dragons.

The ninjas wounded an orphan girl named Toto with a poisoned blade and Ugly Shing murdered Natalie Chan and several volunteers while the overpowered Dragons looked on. Shing then burned the site to the ground.

Norman Road Community Centre

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