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Ishida Mitsunari, aka “Mitsu”, is a Sword Master from ancient Japan. He seeks revenge on Kuna Hisagi, his sworn brother, for betraying their clan lord, Lord Asano.

Brick Manly is an Everyday Hero from the USA. He’s fighting to clear the name of Ed Masterson, Brick’s mentor, who was framed and convicted of embezzling from the steel mill where they both worked.

Agent 47 is a French Spy who was burned by The Agency. He’s looking for answers about why he was burned and who is responsible.

Fletcher Truls was trained as an archer in a remote mountain fortress by a Chinese master. He returned home one day to discover the fortress burned to the ground and his master missing.

Together these heroes have taken up the mantle of the Dragons, a force for good fighting against the powers of the transformed animals in the Ascended, the eunuch sorcerers of the Eaters of the Lotus, and anyone else who threatens the safety of the world.

Main Page

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