HK Museum of Art


The Hong Kong Museum of Art, in souther Kowloon, was the location of a travelling exhibition presenting the Jade Dragon of Virtue, an ancient jade sculpture.

The heroes staked out the museum because enemy agents previously associated with Agent 47 had attacked several of the sculpture’s previous appearances, with high casualties.

Agent 23 and Agent 46 attacked the museum the night of the exhibit’s opening, causing indiscriminate property damage and taking the lives of civilians and police alike.

Agent 46 was killed when a motorcycle he was tied to drove into a helicopter, which exploded, then fell off the roof and exploded again.

Agent 23 was captured by the Dragons and taken into custody by Sergeant “Eyebrows” Chang.

The Jade Dragon of Virtue was smashed into pieces. The Dragons later learned that within the sculpture was a smaller jade artifact, called the Jade Tiger Heart of Virtue. This was stolen from the scene by agents of the Eaters of the Lotus, for use in a larger plot called the Awakening of the Eight Thousand. The purpose of this plot is still unknown.

HK Museum of Art

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