Eaters of the Lotus

The Eaters of the Lotus are a group of eunuch sorcerers whose main power base is the Tang Dynasty of the Ancient Juncture.

They were trapped in 690 AD when the junctures shifted after the detonation of the Chi Bomb in the Future Juncture.

Originally from 69 AD, they dominated their home juncture as the power behind the throne. In 690 AD, Wu Zetian has banished them from the palace and wages a war to wipe them out.

Significant members

Fang Wei, a eunuch sorcerer behind the kidnapping of Fletcher Truls’ master Gan Nuwang. Fang Wei was attempting to use sorcery to infuse the spirit of Master Gan into the bodies of children, magically grown into young adults, to form a powerful fighting force. He was killed by the Dragons at the battle of Two Moons Mountain Fortress.

Kao Xiao-ming, a non-eunuch sorcerer who developed the magic which transforms children or babies into young adults. He used this magic at the Dragon Boat Festival on animals, and helped Fang Wei kidnap children from Ancient China to experiment on them at the Two Moons Mountain Fortress.

Eaters of the Lotus

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