Abundant Heart Cloister


Abundant Heart Cloister is a temple on the South peak of Mount Hua in China in the Ancient Juncture. It is the location of the magical flower known as the Thousand-Year Bloom.

The Dragons sought out the temple on a quest to recover the Thousand-Year Bloom to cure scrappy kid Toto, who was put in a coma by ninjas using blades coated with poison from the flower.

There they met Lady Winter, a lady whose husband had sacrificed their child to the Thousand-Year Bloom in an effort to gain incredible martial arts. This caused Lord and Lady Winter to be cursed into becoming one person, shifting between genders and identities for all time.

Lady Winter summoned members of the Hua Clan, who refused to allow the Dragons access to the sacred flower. In the ensuing fight, the Dragons defeated the Hua Clan and Lady Winter sacrificed her life to be free from the curse and to help the Dragons bring the cure to Toto.

The Dragons adopted the Abundant Heart Cloister, a minor feng shui site, as their own, and attuned to it.

Abundant Heart Cloister

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