Born to Revengeance

Session 8
Undercover at the House of Maids: Part II

Undercover in the home of eccentric triad elder Charlie Hui, the heroes find Ed Masterson being brought into the house by Ugly Shing’s men. They take him to the basement and begin to torture him.

Mitsu convinces Charlie Hui to resist Ugly Shing’s influence, and the heroes rescue Ed Masterson.

Session 7
Undercover at the House of Maids: Part I

The heroes discover that Brick Manly’s mentor, Ed Masterson, has been brought to Hong Kong by Ugly Shing, and will be taken to the home of gangster Charlie Hui.

Agent 47 scopes out Charlie Hui’s house, where the elderly, eccentric gangster has 100 Japanese maids who serve him and the household in a continuous stream of action.

The heroes go undercover as Manly Security and move into Hui’s household.

Session 6
Community Centre Showdown

The heroes visit the Norman Road Community Centre, run by Natalie Chan. It is a minor feng shui site and they fight off a gang of Ugly Shing’s men who are trying to coerce Natalie Chan into selling it to Shing.

After Mitsu is almost killed by a gunman’s lucky shot, they take a hostage and escape the scene in a car, through an exciting car chase.

They learn the hostage gangster was responsible for hiring some security for a triad elder named Charlie Hui.

Session 5

The heroes are fighting off some low-level street triads in Hong Kong when they encounter Akiko, a young Japanese woman with a katana.

She introduces herself as a descendent of Mitsu’s, who has reincarnated through the generations in order to train Mitsu to defeat Kuna Hisashi, the nemesis who betrayed his clan lord, Lord Asano.

Akiko takes the heroes to Chungking Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui. She guides them to the basement hideout of the Dragons, a faction of underdogs who fight against evil.

The heroes meet Couch Potato, a Chinese man in a wheelchair. He is the only surviving member of the Dragons. He catches them up on the nature of the Chi War, feng shui sites, and the important players involved.

He tells them Magdalena is a mysterious character with many suspicious details about her music, her touring schedule, and the symbolism of her albums and publicity.

  1. Dragons Hideout in Chungking Mansions

Jason Daark (or Akiko) has located or knows about a Dragons hideout in Chungking Mansions, in Tsim Sha Tsui.

- Salty air
- Smell of fish
- Smoke from food vendors
- Cool and damp
- Red lanterns hanging
- Lunar new year

Outside, the building seems like an ordinary Hong Kong shopping mall and tower block.

- 36 Nathan Road
- many bright billboards over the door
- one for Magdalena’s show (last night was 1st show of 3)
- smell of curry in the air
- many Indian restaurants
- 5 blocks, A through E

Inside, they take a few twisty turns and down several flights of stairs and into a service hallway. There they find the entrance to the last hideout of the Dragons in the Modern juncture.

The hideout:

- shelves packed with ancient computers and computer parts
- cramped feeling
- takeout containers and old food overflowing out of every trash bin
- massive corkboard on wall with pictures and pins

  1. Meet Couch Potato

Couch Potato is the last member of the Dragons to survive. He’s a bit crazy.

He’s in a wheelchair, and it doesn’t seem like he ever leaves the Dragons hideout.

Couch Potato:

- HK Chinese
- mid-30s, possibly older
- thin glasses
- wild eyes
- wheelchair
- salt & pepper hair

There are 15-year-old computers here, and he has a corkboard covered in pictures of people, places and things with pushpins and strings connecting them.

On the board:

- Ugly Shing
- Hong Kong Ocean Park
- Magdalena
- Brick Manly’s mentor, Ed Masterson
- Forbidden City in Beijing
- Nevada Desert
- GHIDORA symbol with question marks on it (“???”)

Couch Potato doesn’t know what GHIDORA is, but he’d be thrilled to learn about it from the PCs.

  1. About the Chi War

Couch Potato tells the PCs about the Chi War:

- Battle for control of Feng Shui sites
- More Feng Shui sites you control, the more power you have
- Ugly Shing is trying to control Feng Shui sites
- Modern juncture is hostile to magic
- Hong Kong is neutral to magic
- Portals exist to the Netherworld
- From there you can travel to other junctures: past & future

  1. Feng Shui sites

- certain places have ideal feng shui
- controlling those sites increases your power

  1. Norman Road Community Centre

If the PCs want to find a Feng Shui site:

Couch Potato knows of a local community centre further north in Kowloon which has excellent feng shui. It’s not a major site but it is run by a friend of his, and if the PCs were willing to buy a stake in it, they might be able to attune to it.

It’s currently being threatened by local gangsters, who dominate the area and push drugs to the neighborhood kids.

  1. Magdalena

- If you filter the artifacts of MP3 encoding from her songs (“The Fatal Irony”, “The Genius and the Idiot”, “Tycoon”), you can hear subliminal messages
- Her album covers and photo shoots always use Illuminati symbolism
- One eye covered
- Mind-control imagery
- Animal imagery, especially snakes and lizards
- Her touring schedule always takes her to Central Europe and Switzerland in June, around the time of the Bilderberger meeting in the Swiss alps.
- Her touring schedule always takes her to Hong Kong in February, around the time of the Lunar New Year.

In the weeks before her concert last night:

- 23% spike in missing persons cases
- 17% spike in murders
- even those numbers are significant because of the power of 5, 17, 23

Session 4

Brick, Mitsu and Agent 47 used the VIP tickets held by the white-haired assassin a concert at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre by global pop celebrity Magdalena.

They were ushered into a special box at the venue which they soon realized was a meeting of important members of GHIDORA, the Global Headquarters for Infiltration, Deception, Oppression, and Assassination.

The presenter was Ma Yujun, a bald man with a prosthetic covering his eyes which featured a single cybernetic eye. He outlined GHIDORA’s strategy for attaining important feng shui sites to increase their power and influence.

The New Mexico steel mill where Brick Manly worked was one of the sites discussed.

On their way out of the meeting, the heroes bumped into Magdalena herself in the hall. She asked them if they’d given Ma Yujun their report.

Heading out of the building, the heroes saw Ugly Shing getting into a yacht to head across the bay.

Session 3

Brick, Mitsu and Agent 47 pursued leads on the Snake Triad to Los Angeles, where they discovered a rental car hired by members of the gang on business from Hong Kong.

After a car chase and a violent showdown near the airport, the heroes boarded a plane to Hong Kong.

They visited a mahjongg parlor to speak with Sun Mao-Hsing, its proprietor. She is an old contact of Agent 47’s.

While in the mahjongg parlor, the heroes were attacked by a legion of assassins, led by the Chinese woman with the white hair.

In the battle, Mitsu’s sword cut the pillars of the mahjongg parlor, causing the ceiling to cave in. The white-haired woman was mortally wounded but tried to escape.

The heroes followed the trail of blood to discover her body, breathing its last breaths. She told them they were no match for GHIDORA and perished. On her person they found a cell phone and VIP tickets to the concert the next night of global pop celebrity Magdalena.

They also got a sense that they were being watched.

Session 2

Brick Manly is contacted by an old friend named Sam, who tells Brick he has information about why and how Brick’s mentor Ed Masterson was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. The heroes meet Sam at a road house called the Loose Caboose.

There they are ambushed by gangsters wielding guns and swords. Sam apologizes for setting the heroes up but says he had no choice. Sam is killed in the battle.

Agent 47 faces off against a beautiful Chinese woman with white hair.

One of the enemies used a sword which was ancient, crafted by Hattori Hanzo himself. In recent times it can be identified as having been used by the Snake Triad, a Chinese gang led by the infamous Ugly Shing.

Session 1

Brick Manly, Mitsunari Ishida, Agent 47 and Jason Daark discover a mysterious laboratory in the New Mexico desert.

Inside, scientists working for a shadowy organization called GHIDORA have created a mutant beast.

The heroes fight the scientists, soldiers and the beast.


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