Wu Zetian

Emperor of China in the Ancient Juncture



Beautiful woman in her 50s, vibrant and alive. Dangerous and powerful.


Wu Zetian is the first and only female Emperor of China. She ascended to the throne after being a prized concubine of the two previous Emperors, Taizong, founder of the Tang Dynasty, and his son Gaozong.

After Gaozong died in 683 AD, she became Empress Dowager and eventually Emperor, taking over the throne in 690 AD.

Already intensely paranoid of conspiracies, she has recently learned that the Eaters of the Lotus are a group of sorcerers intent on overthrowing or destroying her, and has commissioned the Dragons to investigate and stop the Lotus’ plot.

She assigned Minister Li Yeung-shang as the Dragons’ liaison and instructed them to bring any information about sorcery to Minister Li.

Her daughter is Princess Taiping, who has inherited her mother’s crafty ways as well as her beauty and sensuality.

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Wu Zetian

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