Ugly Shing

Hong Kong Triad Boss




Ugly Shing is a notorious triad leader from Hong Kong. He’s one of the richest men in Hong Kong and runs a successful business as a cover for his criminal gang, the Snake Triad.

In a previous timeline, Ugly Shing purchased the steel mill where Brick Manly worked, because of its potency as a feng shui site. At the time Ugly Shing was working with GHIDORA, a branch of the Ascended.

After the Dragons altered the timeline by helping Stanley Manly acquire the feng shui site in 1850s New Mexico, the mill became owned by the Manly family, now a hugely successful business. In this version of events, Ugly Shing was unable to purchase the mill because of resistance by Brick Manly.

It is unclear what the connection currently is between GHIDORA and Ugly Shing’s gang. It is possible they are no longer working together.

Ugly Shing waged a gang war against the Dragons for interfering with his plans, attacking them on multiple occasions.

He caused the Dragons a huge setback at the Norman Road Community Centre massacre, when he and ninjas he had hired ambushed the heroes, wounded the scrappy kid Toto and Shing personally killed administrator Natalie Chan.

When the Dragons cured Toto from the ninjas’ poison, Ugly Shing and his gang attacked them again, attempting to prevent Toto from being able to testify against him. In this chase across Hong Kong, Shing was taken down by the Dragons and arrested by Sergeant “Eyebrows” Chang.

He is currently in police custody.

Shing has a daughter, Shing Meimei, an infamous socialite known for flaunting her wealth on social media. Shing Meimei is also currently in custody for illegal gambling.

In the past he worked with triad elder Charlie Hui, even compelling Hui to allow Shing to use Hui’s house as a place to torture Brick Manly’s mentor Ed Masterson for information.

The Dragons convinced Hui to betray Shing and the two triads are now considered enemies.

Ugly Shing

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