Sam Burns


Sam Burns is an American steel worker in his 50s.


Sam Burns is a worker at the steel mill where Brick Manly and Ed Masterson worked.

In Brick Manly’s original timeline, the steel mill was controlled by Conroy Steel, and Sam, Ed and Brick were simply workers. Ed Masterson tried to blow the whistle on GHIDORA taking over the steel mill, for which he was kidnapped and tortured.

Sam Burns was killed at The Loose Caboose in a battle between GHIDORA and the Dragons.

Once Brick travelled to the Past Juncture and prevented Elias Conroy from stealing the rights to an iron mine and a new steel production process from Stanley Manly, the timeline changed.

Now, Manly Steel owns the steel mill and Ed Masterson is the General Manager.

It is unknown what Sam’s fate is in the revised timeline.

Sam Burns

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