Princess Taiping

Princess of the Tang Dynasty, daughter of Emperor Wu Zetian



Beautiful and elegant Tang Dynasty Princess in her mid-20s.


Princess Taiping is the daughter of Emperor Wu Zetian in Tang Dynasty China in the Ancient Juncture. Like her mother she is extremely seductive as well as calculating and political.

In 688 her husband Xue Shao was found guilty of conspiring against the government. He was caned 100 times and starved to death. As his body remained in one piece, this was considered a more honorable death than his conspirators, who were beheaded.

In late 690 AD she is scheduled to be married again. She met the Dragons and grew attracted to Brick Manly, flirting openly with him as she asked them to report to her behind her mother’s back about any sorcerous activity.

She has made it clear she is not above implicating people as antigovernment conspirators to gain leverage over them. She is also incredibly beautiful and desirable.


Princess Taiping

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