Natalie Chan (deceased)

Late administrator of the Norman Road Community Centre


Hong Kong Chinese woman in her late 30s.


Natalie Chan was the administrator of the Norman Road Community Centre. She met the Dragons when they helped her resist an attack by gangsters working for Ugly Shing.

Ugly Shing wanted to buy the community center to take advantage of its nature as a minor feng shui site. The Dragons defeated his thugs, but he later returned with more gangsters and hired ninjas, who overpowered the Dragons.

Ugly Shing murdered Natalie Chan in front of the Dragons and a young girl named Toto. Toto fell into a coma as a result of the ninjas’ poisoned blades, but was later restored by the Dragons and agreed to testify against Ugly Shing for Natalie Chan’s murder.

Natalie is survived by her husband Gordon Chan and their daughter Chan Siu-ming.

Natalie Chan (deceased)

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