Master Gan Nuwang

Master who raised Fletcher Truls


Wizened old Chinese kung fu master with a long beard and eyebrows.


Master Gan Nuwang is the master of the Two Moons Mountain Fortress in Southern China, where he raised archer Fletcher Truls.

Two years ago, Two Moons Mountain Fortress was burned to the ground and Master Gan went missing. Fletcher set out on a quest to locate his master and learn who destroyed his home.

After meeting the Dragons in Hong Kong, Fletcher learned that a Traitor Monk from the Past Juncture known as Li Shuang had betrayed the Guiding Hand, of which he and Master Gan were both members. Li Shuang had taken Master Gan by surprise and used ancient pressure point kung fu to give Master Gan amnesia. Then Li Shuang had burned the fortress and taken Master Gan to the Ancient Juncture.

There, he had turned Master Gan over to the Eaters of the Lotus, who used Master Gan in magical experiments to infuse his martial arts ability into the bodies of fighters magically grown from children into young adults.

Fletcher and the Dragons fought Li Shuang at the Red Stone Gorge in the Past Juncture and defeated him. Then they found Master Gan in the Ancient Juncture’s Two Moons Mountain Fortress, where eunuch sorcerer Fang Wei was performing these magical experiments on him and on kidnapped children.

The Dragons killed Fang Wei and freed Master Gan. Master Gan regained control of Two Moons Mountain Fortress, a potent feng shui site, and allowed the Dragons and the kidnapped children to attune to it. He took several of the children as his students, for they had no memory of their homes.

Master Gan confided in Fletcher that when Fletcher was born, he was from the Past Juncture, not the Contemporary Juncture as Fletcher had believed. Fletcher’s father was a missionary in 1830s China, and his mother was a local. Master Gan had interrupted a bandit gang assaulting the family.

In the fight, Fletcher’s parents were killed. Master Gan had been able to blind the young bandit responsible, but he had escaped with Fletcher’s baby brother. The fate of the bandit and Fletcher’s brother are currently unknown.

Master Gan Nuwang

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