Li Shuang

Traitor Monk who kidnapped Master Gan Nuwang



Wild-eyed former monk with long hair, beard and moustache.


When Li Shuang was a child, his parents were killed for being rebels against the oppressive Manchu Imperial government. Li Shuang was orphaned, so he went to Shaolin and joined the Guiding Hand to study kung fu and get revenge.

He was at Shaolin for 15 years. Then he betrayed Shaolin and the Guiding Hand and left the Temple to become a bandit and warlord. He grew more and more reckless as he travelled around, robbing and causing violence.

He stole an ancient kung fu scroll from the Guiding Hand which described an esoteric pressure point kung fu. He used this power to immobilize Master Gan Nuwang of Two Moons Mountain Fortress, giving Master Gan amnesia and burning down the fortress.

As a child, Li Shuang had been betrothed to a young girl named Chang Ping-Ping. They had first love together as children, looking forward to the day they could be married.

When Li Shuang’s parents were killed and he went to Shaolin, Chan Ping-Ping also devoted herself to the study of kung fu, so that she might be able to accompany him in this world of martial arts. She left home and trained for years, dressing as a man and adopting the identity of “White Fan”.

When the Dragons tracked down Li Shuang, he had travelled to his home town of Raoyang, in Hebei Province, in the Past Juncture, to find Chan Ping-Ping and marry her. There the Dragons met White Fan, without knowing of ‘his’ connection to the Traitor Monk.

Li Shuang had been building up an army of kung fu warriors at the Red Stone Gorge near Yulin, in Shaanxi Province. He used the esoteric pressure point kung fu to increase their flow of chi, making his army able to learn powerful kung fu in a fraction of the necessary time, with the drawback that their chi was unstable and occasionally their bodies would burst from the pressure.

After making deals with Imperial General Wong Hao-yan the Far-Reaching Dragon and bandit king Blind Lu, the Dragons and White Fan fought Li Shuang at the Red Stone Gorge and killed him. General Wong also betrayed the heroes and was killed in the battle.

Li Shuang

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