Kao Xiao-ming

Lotus-affiliated sorcerer


Elderly Chinese man with a good-natured attitude.


Kao Xiao-ming is a non-eunuch sorcerer working with the Eaters of the Lotus.

He appeared at the Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong, having cast some spells to transform baby animals (including eggs) into adult versions of those animals.

His magic also caused the reversion of a Transformed Dragon and a Transformed Bear who happened to be at the festival.

The Dragons captured him and delivered him to Sergeant “Eyebrows” Chang, who put him in jail. In the morning, Kao had escaped from his cell, as if by magic.

The Dragons then encountered Kao in the Ancient Juncture, in the village of Lantian, where they were investigating the disappearance of young children. They determined that Kao had been giving wooden charms with a carved symbol of a dancing man to the children, marking them for magical kidnapping by the eunuch Fang Wei.

The Dragons coerced a confession from Kao but left him alive. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Kao Xiao-ming

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