Fletcher Truls



Master of an ancient art-form, he spent years honing the craft under the tutelage of his mentor, the honorable Gan Nuwang. Unknown to Fletcher, his master guarded a Feng Shui site. Upon returning from the market, he found his home destroyed and his master missing. Now with only his master’s bow (a collapsible composite bow) and skills, he searches for his mentor, and those responsible for what happened.

After leaving the ruins of his home, he tracks down two of his master’s old friends, the Sgt. ‘Eyebrows’ and someone named Couch Potato.

Significant GMCs:

Sgt “Eyebrows” Chang, of the HK Police
Couch Potato, of the Dragons
Madam Ko, Exorcist Monk
Master Xiaho Yan, a geomancer in Contemporary HK

Fletcher Truls

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