"Eyebrows" Chang

Sergeant in the HK Police Department


Grizzled police veteran with cropped grey hair and bushy grey caterpillar eyebrows.


Sergeant “Eyebrows” Chang is a veteran police detective on the Hong Kong police force, working out of the Kowloon district.

He met the Dragons when his squad responded to the assault on the HK Museum of Art by Agent 23 and Agent 46. Many of his squad were killed in the attack, but the Dragons helped him and his men capture Agent 23.

He had known Fletcher Truls’ master Gan Nuwang in the past, and Fletcher made contact with Chang when Fletcher arrived in Hong Kong in search of his missing master.

Sergeant Chang met the heroes again when they captured Kao Xiao-ming, a sorcerer causing animal transformations at the Dragon Boat Festival. He put Kao in jail but the magician escaped overnight.

With his reputation on the line after the escape of Agent 23 from the hospital and Kao from the jail, Sergeant Chang focused his attentions on arresting gangster Ugly Shing. He asked the heroes for help in keeping scrappy kid Toto safe so that she could testify against Shing.

When Ugly Shing and his gangsters attacked the heroes on the way to their safe house, the heroes crashed Shing’s car and incapacitated the gangster.

Sergeant Chang was able to arrest Ugly Shing and restore his face in the department.

Chang knows that some bizarre events have been occurring but he’s not aware of the full extent of the Chi War. He’s a friend to the Dragons and considers himself in their debt.

"Eyebrows" Chang

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