"Crab-Head" Sieh

Martial artist and soup dumpling chef



Burly Chinese working-class man of the Tang Dynasty.


Crab-Head Sieh is a martial artist and chef who runs a Southern-style restaurant in Chang’an, specializing in xiao long bao, or soup dumplings.

The Dragons met him when the Sieh brothers were advertising their restaurant in the street. They tried his soup dumplings and enjoyed a meal at the Sieh brothers’ restaurant.

Crab-Head Sieh made friends with the heroes and advised them to be wary of talking about sorcerers in Chang’an, as Emperor Wu Zetian is waging a war against users of black magic.

He told the heroes of stories of children who had gone missing in the village of Lantian, to the South of Chang’an. These turned out to be related to Eaters of the Lotus-affiliated sorcerers Kao Xiao-ming and eunuch Fang Wei (deceased), who were kidnapping children to perform magical experiments until they were stopped by the Dragons.

"Crab-Head" Sieh

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