Anatoly Timokhovich

Retired Russian General


russian.jpg Russian man in his early 70s.


Anatoly Timokhovich is a retired General in the Russian Army. His voice was identified as being present on a mysterious signal which has been transmitted out of Russia since the late 1970s.

The Dragons met him at a charity ball in Dubai, where they learned the details of his involvement. He ascribed the signal to a plot by the Ascended. It was intended to be a way to remote affect enemy agents, armies or civilians by manipulating their brains.

He indicated that the experiment never reached the final stages when he was involved, but that more recently he had heard rumors that more work had been done on it, and that the others involved in the experiment had contracted illnesses of the brain and been covertly murdered.

He directed the heroes to a location in the Ural Mountains which doesn’t show up on satellites or on radar as being a possible link to the true meaning of the mysterious signal.

Anatoly Timokhovich

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