Alessa Ferragni

Italian socialite, girlfriend of retired Russian General Anatoly Timokhovich



Beautiful Italian woman in her late 20s.


Alessa Ferragni is an Italian socialite and model. She is the girlfriend of retired Russian General Anatoly Timokhovich.

She met the Dragons in Monte Carlo and told Brick Manly that she and the General would be in Dubai at a charity ball for the Global Health Initiative.

At the ball, Ferragni and the General were taken hostage by GHIDORA enforcers Claudine and Sophie.

When Ferragni struggled, Claudine shot her and engaged in a fight with the Dragons.

Fletcher Truls stabilized Ferragni’s wounds and when the fight had concluded, they took her to a hospital in Dubai.

Her current status is unknown.

Alessa Ferragni

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