Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-11-18

Off The Charts Part II

The Dragons trace GHIDORA‘s mysterious brainwashing signal to a remote location in the Ural Mountains on the eve of the launch of pop star Magdalena’s app. Intrepid reporter Lakshmi Chopra may be in over her head asking questions about the conspiracy.

  • Montage
  • Dubai
  • Kubek, Kazakhstan
  • Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan


Ma Yujun

In a shadowy room in front of a 10-foot logo of GHIDORA on the wall, Ma Yujun sits at a desk, his single prosthetic eye gleaming red. Rose Yang stands before him, her eyes down in supplication.

He slams his fist down on the table, where he’s got an arrangement of newspapers:

Rose Yang raises her eyes and looks at Ma Yujun, then starts to lay out a plan…

In Hong Kong

Toto gives Couch Potato a hug as she leaves the Dragons HQ and takes the elevator up to the ground floor of the massive Chungking Mansions residential block. She gets into Sergeant Chang’s car and they drive off toward the police station.


The heroes are ambushed by assassins before they leave Dubai. They learn that reporter Lakshmi Chopra wants to meet them in Kubek, Kazakhstan, with important information. Agent 47 learns Emily Sato is in danger from his long-lost daughter.

Question and Answer

In the early morning in Dubai, the Dragons interrogate Sophie, the GHIDORA enforcer they wounded the previous evening after killing her sister Claudine to protect retired Russian General Anatoly Timokhovich.

General Timokhovich gave the Dragons some information and sailed out onto the ocean, hoping to sail around the world in his old age before GHIDORA finally catches up with him.

Sophie tells the Dragons that she and Claudine are simply assassins, instructed to remove anyone who knows too much about GHIDORA’s current projects. She herself doesn’t know the details of the projects, however. She indicates that investigative reporter Lakshmi Chopra is also targeted for assassination.

Brunch with Lakshmi

Brick Manly receives a call from Lakshmi Chopra, asking to meet her alone at the Atlantis, The Palm hotel bar. Brick gets wired for sound and meets Lakshmi in the bar. Fletcher attempts to listen in from nearby but she spots him.

Agent 47 receives a call from Emily Sato, the former GHIDORA sniper he is protecting at his safehouse in Hong Kong. She tells him she’s heard that dummy corporations have been buying up rocket fuel and shipping it to Kazakhstan. Her voice is cut off when a young woman comes on the line. “Bonjour, Papa. Je te vois bientot”. (“Hello, father. I’ll see you soon.”)

At the Atlantis, The Palm hotel bar, Lakshmi Chopra tells Brick she is investigating mysterious occurrences and that she has information which can help him, if he will confide in her as well. She asks him if the name “Baikonur Cosmodrome” means anything to him.

He refuses to tell her anything, but their conversation is cut short by a squad of GHIDORA hitmen in wetsuits who smash the bar’s massive aquarium from the inside and begin firing on the crowd with submachineguns.

In the cafe where Fletcher waits, and in the parking garage where Agent 47 and Mitsu listen in, GHIDORA hitmen also attack.

The Dragons fight off the assassins, and Lakshmi Chopra tells Brick it’s imperative that he and his friends meet her in Kubek, Kazakhstan.

Kubek, Kazakhstan

The Dragons make their appointment at the restaurant Daredzhani in Kubek, Kazakstan, a small town in the Ural Mountains near the Russian border.

A jovial host named Valentin welcomes the Dragons and serves them beshbarmak, a Kazakh dish of boiled lamb and noodles.

Valentin tells Agent 47 he has a phone call from a “Miss Sato”. Agent 47 takes the call and hears a piercing, high-pitched sound which blacks him out.

The Dragons become worried as neither Lakshmi Chopra nor Agent 47 is anywhere to be found. They rough up Valentin who pleads with them that he knows nothing about any of it.

They ask around and between them, Brick, Fletcher and Mitsu determine that there’s an electrified fence keeping people away from a large area in the mountains. They get a local man named Almaty to help them. Brick gives him a generous donation and Almaty drives his car through the fence.

Baikonur Cosmodrome

Agent 47 awakes inside a room in a massive hangar. It is the Baikonur Cosmodrome, a massive abandoned staging ground for Soviet space exploration which has been repurposed by GHIDORA.

Agent 47 is wearing headphones, through which are playing a song, “Love on the Moon”, by Magdalena.

Ma Yujun greets him and takes him on a tour of the facility, boasting about the sophistication of GHIDORA’s plan.

The real plan, Ma says, is not to create machete-wielding maniacs, but to create a two-way surveillance connection with the minds of everyone who has listened to Magdalena’s music. Currently that number stands at around 1 billion people, but once her music app goes live on every mobile platform in the world, it will be closer to 3-4 billion.

GHIDORA will be able to listen in on their thoughts and conversations, and to whisper in their ears without them even knowing what is happening.

Ma Yujun shows Agent 47 the control room, which manages the two launch platforms outside the hangar. On the two platforms are two large rockets, each with a space shuttle on its back.

Lakshmi Chopra has been imprisoned on one of the space shuttles. The shuttle countdown reaches zero and the shuttle lifts off into space. The countdown for the second shuttle begins at T minus 30 minutes.

From the cliffs near the Cosmodrome, the other Dragons look on as they see cosmonauts in large, bulky spacesuits loading onto the first shuttle, followed by Lakshmi Chopra, tied and kicking and screaming. They observe the shuttle’s engines ignite and the rocket blasts off into space.

Sites Attuned: 4
Sites Burned: 0
Advancements: 5
Failed Advancement Rolls: 0
Advancement Roll Modifier: 0
Advancement Target: 4

Agent 47 rolled a successful advancement roll, so the heroes attained their sixth advancement.


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