Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-10-28

The Forgotten Master Part II

The heroes track down Lotus eunuch Fang Wei, who has taken Fletcher’s Gan Nuwang to his original home, the Two Moons Mountain Fortress, in the Ancient Juncture. There they must fight against Fang Wei and his summoned demons, and Fletcher must free Gan Nuwang in order to restore his memory.

In Hong Kong

Eyebrows Chang

Sergeant “Eyebrows” Chang is pounding the pavement, hustling through back alleys in Hong Kong, visiting every fortune teller he can find, showing them a photograph of Kao Xiao Ming, the Magician he arrested at the Dragon Boat Festival who disappeared from his cell.

The fortune tellers all shake their heads that they haven’t seen him, until finally a little old lady nods and starts giving Chang some information.

On his way out of the shop, Sergeant Chang passes by geomancer Xiahou Yan, who’s shuffling through a book he just purchased on ‘Exposing the Secret Rulers of the Earth’.

Julie Li

Julie Li is working at the hospital when she sees a figure in a doctor’s gown peeking around the hallway toward Toto’s door, with a syringe in his hand. Julie creeps up behind him and, when he turns, she empties a can of mace into his eyes and knees him in the crotch!

A police officer and several of Charlie Hui‘s triad gangsters rush over to him and Julie holds up the man’s lanyard with his ID tag on it—it’s clearly a fake, nothing like her real badge!

The gangsters kick him a few times and the cops take him away.

Magdalena’s Killer App

In the news in Hong Kong and around the world are reports that pop star Magdalena will be soon launching a new app which will be free on every phone, tablet, mobile platform in the world, which will provide her new album to literally hundreds of millions of customers at once.

Couch Potato, knowing that Magdalena’s music contains brainwashing messages powered by a mysterious signal, reads this news and says “Not good, not good.”

In Chang’an

The heroes return to Chang’an from their newly-acquired temple on the South peak of Hua Mountain.

In the street they run into a public demonstration of a new Southern restaurant in town, boasting about having the best (xiao long bao) soup dumplings in the city. The chefs are clearly also martial artists with great skills. One of them is Crab-Head Sieh.

The heroes try out the soup dumplings, with Agent 47 dazzling the crowd with his description of the dumplings’ juicy goodness. Crab-Head Sieh invites the heroes to a meal in the restaurant.

Sieh Family Dumplings

They learn that Crab-Head Sieh comes from a martial arts family from Fo Shan, in Guangdong, and that he and his brothers have travelled across the country in search of the best spot to open their Southern-style restaurant.

Asked if he knows anything about a eunuch sorcerer named Fang Wei, Crab-Head warns the heroes that Emperor Wu Zetian has a policy of cracking down on sorcerers, especially eunuch sorcerers. She is known to be paranoid about it, and to have people executed for the merest suspicion of being associated with eunuch magicians.

He does inform the heroes that a village called Lantian, to the South, reported the disappearance of several small children recently, an act which is being blamed on black magic by the superstitious townsfolk.

As a parting gift, Crab-Head gives the heroes some Szechuan beef, advising them to let it dry overnight and take it as a snack on the road for their travels.


The heroes travel to Lantian and interview the Yan and Xu families, both of whom have lost children recently. Their young ones were playing peacefully, when there seemed to be a cold wind and the children were nowhere to be found.

After speaking with both families, the heroes noticed each of the children had a small wooden charm with a dancing figure on it. They set out into town to search for the origins of the charm.

The Escaped Magician

The heroes approached a fortune-teller shop to inquire about the charms, when they realized the fortune-teller was Kao Xiao-ming, the magician arrested at the Dragon Boat Festival for using magic to cause baby animals to grow into adult creatures. Kao had escaped from a locked jail cell in Hong Kong.

Kao tried to escape by causing a paper bird to transform into a real bird which he could ride to freedom, but Fletcher tackled him and the bird flew away.

After some intensive questioning by Brick, using methods learned from Mitsu, Kao revealed that he had given the children the charms to mark them so that the eunuch Fang Wei could kidnap them.

He indicated that Fang Wei took the children to the Two Moons Mountain Fortress—the original home of Fletcher and Master Gan Nuwang!

Sorcery at Two Moons

The heroes travelled further South to the Two Moons Mountain Fortress, and sent Agent 47 to investigate the situation.

The Fortress was guarded by some martial arts fighters who looked barely-conscious, as though animated by some mystical force.

Inside the temple, Agent 47 observed the eunuch sorcerer Fang Wei casting a spell on a group of children strapped to stone slabs around a cauldron brimming with blue smoke. As he watched, one of the children physically grew from a child into a young adult and stood up, becoming one of the zombified guards stationed around the temple.

The heroes assaulted the temple and Brick Manly began freeing the children in the main room. Agent 47 snuck into the basement where he observed Fang Wei performing a spell upon several of the zombified young men. Fletcher’s Master Gan Nuwang was there, with mystical energy transferring some of his life force and martial arts knowledge into the young men. Instead of zombified automatons, the young men transformed into agile and powerful martial artists!

Agent 47 barred the door to try to keep Fang Wei and the martial artists inside, but Fang Wei used a magic burst to explode the door outward and the battle began in earnest!

Showdown with a Sorcerer

In the course of the fight, Fang Wei cast Chi Blasts which caused beetles to burst through the floor and attempt to devour Brick Manly, he summoned ravens to attack Fletcher, and he blasted Agent 47 with a chilling burst of cold energy.

Master Gan clearly had no memory of Fletcher or his identity, but something was preventing him from doing incredible damage to the heroes, as though his conscience was still holding him back. A blue glow illuminated his eyes as he fought by Fang Wei’s side.

The heroes defeated the zombified mooks, the martial arts warriors, and after doing an incredible amount of damage to the eunuch Fang Wei, they finally destroyed the sorcerer. His arms severed and crawling about on their own, his eyes blinded, pierced through with dozens of arrows, Fang Wei exploded into a burst of blue smoke.

Master Gan recovered from the magical influence of the eunuch and Fletcher used the pressure point techniques he learned to restore Master Gan’s memories.


Master Gan humbly thanked all the fighters as Fletcher filled him in on what had happened since his kidnapping by the Traitor Monk Li Shuang and the burning of the Contemporary Juncture’s Two Moons Mountain Fortress.

He told Fletcher that a side effect of the pressure point technique used to restore Master Gan’s memory was that Master Gan was no longer able to practice martial arts. He announced that he’d be taking over the Ancient Juncture’s Two Moons Mountain Fortress and taking new students.

The heroes stayed with him and helped the rescue children recover before returning them to their homes. Those without homes stayed behind and became Master Gan’s new students. Master Gan invited both the heroes and the children to attune to the temple as a feng shui site, in the hopes that the flow of Chi might help them recover from their ordeals.

No. There is another

Master Gan also confided in Fletcher that Fletcher was actually born in the Past Juncture, in the 1830s. His father was a missionary in China and his mother was a local. Master Gan came upon the family being threatened by a bandit, and fought to protect them.

Gan was unable to save the lives of Fletcher’s parents, but he was able to blind the young bandit leader in the fight before the blinded bandit escaped … with Fletcher’s baby brother.

Master Gan doesn’t know what became of the bandit or of Fletcher’s young brother, but he felt like Fletcher could now reasonably understand and believe the true story about his family, and take whatever actions he thought best.


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