Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-10-21

The Perilous Child Part I

In the Ancient Juncture, in Tang Dynasty Chang’an, the heroes found an herbalist who could provide more information about the flower which can provide the antidote for the poison which put scrappy kid Toto in a coma when she was struck by the sword of a ninja hired by Ugly Shing.

He informed them it’s known as the Thousand-Year Bloom, and is a rare and mysterious flower found only on the South peak of Mount Hua. According to folklore, it is tended by a woman named Lady Winter who isolated herself there when her family died in a famine.

They purchased some warmer clothes and some climbing gear, and travelled several days to the South peak of the mountain. They had begun the perilous climb when members of an esoteric kung fu sect attacked them on the side of the mountain.

The heroes fought off these kung fu cultists and reached the top of the snow-covered peak. There they discovered The Abundant Heart Cloister, an abandoned temple which was not so abandoned.

Lady Winter greeted them, an elegant Tang Dynasty lady with beautiful multicolored silk robes and accessories. She welcomed the heroes warmly and gave them tea. She left the room and her husband came out and greeted the heroes, telling them the Hua Sect of martial arts refuse to allow anyone access to the Thousand-Year Bloom.

Lord Winter left to fetch Lady Winter and she rang a cloister bell to summon members of the Hua Sect. A group of members arrived, led by a fighter named Chen Lo. They belligerently refused to listen to the heroes until Agent 47 drew his pistol and shot Chen Lo.

A fight broke out, at which point Lady Winter joined the fight, on the side of the Hua Sect. It soon became clear that the same individual was both Lord and Lady Winter, changing identities and genders upon every strike.

The heroes defeated Lady Winter and the kung fu cultists, leaving most of them alive, at which point Lady Winter showed the heroes to a small peak behind the temple, where the Thousand-Year Bloom grew.

She revealed that she and her husband had been cursed by the esoteric arts of the Hua Sect and the magic of the Thousand-Year Bloom after sacrificing their son to the flower in exchange for advanced martial arts. As her blood flowed onto the flower, it opened up into a full bloom and she died.

The heroes cut the flower and stored it in a bronze pot wrapped in silks. They learned from Chen Lo that the flower needed blood to bloom and that it could be a year or more before it grows again. They let the kung fu cultists go with a warning that this temple belonged to the heroes now.

They buried Lady Winter and performed funeral rites, then they refurbished the damaged temple over several days and spent a day performing a ritual of attunement.

Having attuned to a new feng shui site, the heroes determined to head back down the mountain and take the bloom back to the Contemporary Juncture, to cure Toto’s poison.

The heroes burned an enemy feng shui site and took it over, attuning to it as their own.

Jesse rolled a failing Advancement roll so the heroes have four failed rolls now, giving them a +2 to their advancement target on their next roll.

Sites Attuned: 3
Sites Burned: 1
Advancements: 2
Failed Advancement Rolls: 4
Advancement Roll Modifier: +2


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