Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-10-07

The Forgotten Master Part I


Agent 23

In Kowloon Hospital, pretty nurse Julie Li checks the charts on Agent 23, handcuffed to her hospital bed. She leaves the room, past some HK cops who are standing up to argue with some of Charlie Hui’s triad men.

Julie passes by them and as we turn back to Agent 23’s room, we see an empty bed with handcuffs dangling past it. Agent 23 has escaped!

Emily Sato

A slim Japanese woman in her late 30s is terrified. She peers out the window of a tiny hotel room in Hong Kong with a gun in her hand. There is a case with a sniper rifle on the bed, as the TV news shows a headline reading “MUSEUM TERRORIST ESCAPES HOSPITAL”.

She thinks back to the Hong Kong Museum of Art, where we see through her sniper’s scope that it’s pointed at Agent 47. She’s about to pull the trigger, but she can’t do it! She shoots the wall near his head and he leaps into action.


Julie Li is in Toto‘s room at Kowloon Hospital. Charlie Hui’s triads stand guard outside. Next to Julie is an older lady wearing the robes of a fortune teller. She holds Toto’s hand, does some incantations over the body and draws a small wooden stick with some characters on it from a cup.

The fortune teller looks startled and confused.


Akiko is in the fortified offices of the Inner Kingdom TV in the Netherworld, talking with the Towson Sisters, two youthful-looking women in their 40s, wearing 80s power-suits with huge shoulder pads and big hair.

They pull up a video monitor that shows some footage of a tall, powerful man with reddish skin and a pope hat—Huan Ken, the King of the Thunder Pagoda. You saw him before, tossing someone into a Pop-Up Juncture as a punishment.

In the footage, Huan Ken is surrounded by an entourage of soldiers and Netherworld weirdos. In the entourage is a Japanese swordsman, looking around furtively—it’s Kuna Hisashi!

Akiko shudders and thanks the sisters as she leaves.


The heroes bade farewell to White Fan aka Chan Ping-Ping as she returned home to bury her family. Blind Lu’s bandits gave them some horses and they travelled back to the portal near Jizhou and re-entered the Netherworld.

The Guiding Hand

They visited The Guiding Hand’s Temple of Boundless Meditation where they received an audience with Perfect Master Quan Lo, the leader of the Guiding Hand.

Quan Lo was pleased with the deaths of Traitor Monk Li Shuang and Wong Hao-yan, the Far-Reaching Dragon. He confirmed that General Wong was indeed a member of the Ascended.

Unfortunately the manual containing the esoteric pressure point kung fu was destroyed, but Quan Lo offered to teach the techniques to Fletcher so that Fletcher could redeem his Master Gan Nuwang.

Fletcher first had to submit to the empowering but dangerous pressure point application used by Li Shuang on his men to increase their chi flow and enable them to learn kung fu faster.

Hong Kong

Fletcher stayed behind to train with Quan Lo while the other heroes returned to their Hong Kong base.

Brick’s phone blew up with texts and messages from Akiko, Julie Li, and from his mother, Mama Manly.

Julie Li told him that when scrappy kid Toto was injured by ninjas at the Community Centre, the poison that put her in a coma came from a plant last known to exist in the Tang Dynasty, during the time of Wu Zetian.

The heroes also learned of the escape of Agent 23 from the hospital, and that triad boss Charlie Hui sent his men to protect Toto from Ugly Shing.

Couch Potato told the heroes he had learned the name of a retired Russian general whose voice had been heard on the strange Russian signal which may be connected to the brainwashing of music fans listening to songs by pop singer Magdalena.

Emily Sato

Sniper Emily Sato approached Agent 47 for help, fearing that Agent 23 is going to hunt her down now. She told 47 how she left the Agency after realizing they were now simply a front for GHIDORA.

She told him how there was a jade artifact within the Jade Dragon of Virtue, the sculpture which was destroyed at the HK Museum of Art, called the Tiger Heart. GHIDORA was trying to prevent the Eaters of the Lotus from getting their hands on it. Now the artifact is missing.

Manly Family

Julie Li asked Brick if he could get his family to help provide some financial support to the Norman Road Community Centre. Natalie Chan’s husband Gordon intends to re-open it.

Brick placed a call to his mother but instead spoke with his brother, Dick Manly. Brick doesn’t know Dick Manly since Dick didn’t exist in the previous timeline. Now that Brick belongs to a wealthy, successful family, there’s a lot about his family he doesn’t know.

Dick was in Las Vegas, partying with his friends, but he told Brick he’d give Mama Manly the message and they’d send some money to the Community Centre.

A New Attunement

As a reward for their success at defeating Li Shuang and eliminating the Far-Reaching Dragon, the Guiding Hand allowed the heroes to attune to their Temple, a feng shui site.

The heroes spent the day meditating and became attuned to the site, then they got outfitted in Tang Dynasty-period robes and headed through a Guiding Hand-controlled portal into the Ancient Juncture.

Heroes in Chang’an

In the crowded, bustling city of Chang’an, the heroes stopped briefly to help a woman named Hua Yin as she was accosted by a pimp and some thugs. She gave them a hairpin as a gift of thanks and advised them to move along quickly before the town guards arrived.

David rolled a failing Advancement roll so the heroes have three failed rolls now, giving them a +1 to their advancement target on their next roll.

Sites Attuned: 2
Sites Burned: 0
Advancements: 2
Failed Advancement Rolls: 3


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