Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-09-30

The Traitor Monk: Part IV

Before the Battle

The heroes prepare for the battle at Red Stone Gorge. Their objective is to defeat Li Shuang, the Traitor Monk, recover the secret pressure point kung fu manual, and discover the fate of Li’s betrothed Chan Ping-Ping. Brick Manly spends a romantic evening with Golden Fist Wei, one of the 3 martial arts masters they met in Raoyang.

Oath in the Garden

In a garden behind their inn, White Fan and the heroes become sworn brothers, pledging loyalty to each other now and in Heaven.

Outskirts Fight

They go into battle, fighting their way past Li’s Boxers with little resistance. The armies of Wong Hao-yan, the Far-Reaching Dragon, and Blind Lu the Bandit King are running interference.

Manchu Betrayal

Then the heroes are confronted by Wong and his soldiers—he tells them he knows they’re members of The Dragons and that their death is worth more to him than the Monk’s. He also intends to take the secret kung fu manual for himself. It seems likely that he is a member of The Ascended, and possibly a Transformed Dragon himself.

The heroes fight Wong Hao-yan and ultimately kill him, and the Imperial soldier scatter.

The Traitor Monk

Then the heroes confront Li Shuang, the Traitor Monk, at the Red Stone Gorge. He reveals that the three masters accompanying the heroes are actually his best enforcers! The heroes battle the three masters and defeat them. During the fight, Golden Fist Wei breaks Brick Manly’s arm before he kills her.

Li’s Boxers battle with great strength, because Li used a pressure point technique to increase their chi flow and enable them to learn powerful kung fu in a short amount of time. Unfortunately it is an unstable technique, leading some Boxers to explode due to increased pressure from within.

Li Shuang indicates that he burned down Two Moons Mountain Fortress, kidnapped Master Gan Nuwang, and used his pressure point kung fu to give Master Gan amnesia. He also stole a small engraved ceramic totem which Master Gan kept. Li delivered Master Gan and the totem to ‘wrinkly old eunuchs’, presumably referring to the Eaters of the Lotus.

White Fan

During the fight, White Fan is badly wounded but continues pressing his attack against Li Shuang. Li asks White Fan for his name, and White Fan tears his shirt off, revealing the bandage-wrapped chest of a young woman.

White Fan reveals that ‘he’ is Chan Ping-Ping, who became a martial artist to be worthy of Li Shuang when they were betrothed. But now Li Shuang has betrayed this world of martial arts and killed Chan’s family.

Death of the Monk

Li Shuang uses his pressure point technique to paralyze Chan Ping-Ping, but the heroes are able to ultimately defeat him, with Mitsu slicing him badly with his sword and Brick setting the temple on fire.

Interrogating some of Li’s men, the heroes are able to determine that Li Shuang took the amnesiac Master Gan to the Ancient Juncture and delivered him to the Eaters of the Lotus.

Brick rolled a failing Advancement roll so the heroes have two failed rolls now.

Sites Attuned: 1
Sites Burned: 1
Advancements: 2
Failed Advancement Rolls: 2


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