Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-08-26

The Traitor Monk: Part II

In Hong Kong

We see Akiko walking into the hospital and sitting down next to Julie Li. They’re somber, and we see they are both sitting near Toto, the child who was injured by ninjas at the community center.

We see Sergeant Eyebrows Chang in his office at the police station, some other cops are poking fun at him as he fills out the paperwork covering the unexplained disappearance of the suspect from the Dragon Boat Festival.

We see geomancer Xiahou Yan looking on the internet at stories about the chaos at the Dragon Boat Festival, then he opens a new browser and types in a search for “animal transformations”….

Imperial Entanglements

The heroes head to Raoyang along the road from Jizhou. On the way they encounter a Manchu Imperial checkpoint where Imperial soldiers led by Imperial General Dong Jianbo are stopping travelers and harassing them.

White Fan says he can’t stand by and let this happen. The heroes join him and attack the soldiers.

In the fight, Brick Manly beats one Imperial soldier so bad with his shoe that the soldier runs away, fleeing the fight.


The heroes visit a brothel in Raoyang. They meet three martial heroes named Golden Fist Wei, Invincible Leg Wang, and Iron Head Lin.

They speak to two of the courtesans who spent time with Li Shuang, the Traitor Monk, recently. He became emotional about being in Raoyang and told them he had been betrothed to a girl named Chan Ping-Ping when they were children.

His family was later killed by the Manchus and Li Shuang went to Shaolin to train in martial arts. The general who killed his family died of old age and poor health before Li Shuang could get his revenge, leading Li to betray the temple and reject their lifestyle.

The heroes snuck into the home of a wealthy businessman to speak with the third courtesan, who told them that Li Shuang was obsessed with Chan Ping-Ping, and vowed to marry her again ‘or else’.

Massacre at the Chan houseold

At the Chan family home, the heroes discovered the entire Chan family and their servants dead, some frozen into place by esoteric pressure point techniques. One family servant survived but with complete amnesia.

A reddish dust and clay was found at the scene which didn’t match the local area.

Agent 47 rolled a passing Advancement roll so the heroes attained their second Advancement.

Sites Attuned: 1
Sites Burned: 0
Advancements: 2
Failed Advancement Rolls: 0


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