Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-07-08

Musical Maniacs with Machetes



Nurse Julie Li

Brick Manly was attended in hospital by Nurse Julie Li, a pretty young Hong Kong native. As he got better she asked him to help her study for the English class she is taking at night school.

Sgt Eyebrows Chang

As the heroes finish convalescing in the hospital, Sergeant Eyebrows Chang tells them that he’s grateful for all their help capturing the criminals who killed Rookie Lau and the other cops at the Museum.

He’s kept them out of the paperwork and he’s pulled some strings to make sure they won’t be implicated in any of what happened.

Sgt Chang knows there is some weird shit going on in Hong Kong these days. He tells them he owes them a favor, if they ever need one they can call on him.

Mitsu and Akiko

Akiko and Couch Potato have been doing research and tracking down leads to try and locate Kuna Hisashi, Mitsu’s nemesis. In the meantime Akiko and Mitsu have been training in the hills of the New Territories.

Brick and Ed Masterson

Ed Masterson is recovered from his injuries now, with a slight limp. He tells Brick:

“When I was looking into the takeover of the steel mill, I talked to a weird Chinese magician who called himself a geomancer. He gave me a list of feng shui sites that included the steel mill. Those GHIDORA bastards who kidnapped me were trying to get that list.

“What’s worse, since I’ve been here, Couch Potato has caught me up to speed on the whole Chi War business and what you Dragons are fighting against.

GHIDORA are involved in drugs, human trafficking, and racketeering all over the world. The more of these feng shui sites they control the more powerful they get. They’ve gotta be stopped.

“Couch Potato tells me that it’s possible to ‘burn’ a feng shui site. You can either fuck up its magic power through some kinda ritual, or you can just burn it to the ground… either way we need to burn that steel mill.”

New Blood

Fletcher is an archer whose teacher was a guardian of a feng shui site which was burned to the ground. His teacher is missing and Fletcher is looking for him. He has his own connections to Sgt Eyebrows Chang and to Couch Potato.

Couch Potato told the heroes about Fletcher and suggested they meet. He could be a potential recruit for the Dragons in their fight.

Chaos at the Tram Station

A meeting was set up between Fletcher, Brick and Agent 47 at the Victoria Peak Tram Station.

As Fletcher was waiting, he noticed an unusual grouping of garishly-dressed punks with earphones. The punks became manic and began attacking people with machetes, very much like the maniacs on motorcycles at the Art Museum several weeks earlier.

Brick and Agent 47 arrived as this was beginning, and together the 3 of them finished off the punks. A little girl who tried on the headphones screamed uncontrollably. Agent 47 took the headphones and the music player.

Musical Mayhem?

Couch Potato has determined that something in Magdalena’s music seems to be driving these people to violence. He’s discovered that she uses a special process in mastering her songs which is only done at Gold Star Studios in Hong Kong’s Central District. He’s made a contact at the studio, Gordon Chu, who will let the heroes in for a low price of HK$5,000.

To make this work, the heroes need to be a musical group. They decide on an identity as the Steel Mill Boys, with Agent 47 as their manager.

Behind the Music

They visit the studio in Agent 47’s Rolls Royce and meet Gordon Chu, who takes their money and leads them into the studio were Magdalena records her music.

In passing they meet Rose Yang, the owner of the studio. Agent 47 tries to bullshit her in French, but she sees through it. She gives them 5 minutes to leave.

The heroes locate The Thing, the device which processes the music, just as Rose Yang’s henchmen Arif and Samson head down the hall toward them, looking serious.

A fight ensues, in which Fletcher triggers the fire alarm, drenching the studio in water. During the course of the fight, Brick Manly attacks Samson with a xylophone, smashing the instrument to pieces. Arif the Indonesian silat master nearly kills Brick and Brick attacks him with a Les Paul guitar.

Rose Yang and a set of armed goons fire on the heroes and cause some collateral damage in the form of several sound engineers and two members of a Japanese girl group.

Agent 47 secures the Thing and gets it to the Rolls Royce. Fletcher elbows Rose Yang down the stairwell, where she falls 3 flights. Twin assassins Claudine and Sophie follow the heroes in a souped-up SUV.

A chase follows, in which Brick leaps the Rolls onto a freeway overpass and Sophie is thrown from the roof of their SUV. The heroes escape as Claudine turns back to rescue her sister.

They return to the Dragons HQ with the Thing, and Couch Potato sets to work studying it to see what he can find.


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