Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-07-01

Art Attack: Part II

Setting: HK Museum of Art

Brick, Mitsu and Agent 47 fought enemy spies Agent 23 and Agent 46, who were attempting to steal a sculpture called the Jade Dragon of Virtue.

They met Hong Kong Police Detective Sergeant “Eyebrows” Chang, Rookie Lau, and other members of Chang’s squad. Rookie Lau was killed and Sergeant Chang was badly wounded in the fight.

In the museum they fought machete-wielding maniacs on motorcycles, who were listening to Magdalena music on earphones.

Agent 46 was killed when Brick Manly put him on a motorcycle and crashed it into a helicopter on the roof of the museum. The helicopter exploded, fell off the roof, and exploded again.

Mitsu fought Mr Chalk, a big bruiser wearing spiked knuckles, and killed him in the antiquities section.

The heroes were being sniped by Emily Sato, but she had very little luck and many terrible shots. She survived and escaped the scene.

During the fight, after her helicopter was destroyed, Agent 23 demolished the Jade Dragon of Virtue sculpture as part of her attempt to escape. She was subdued by Mitsu and taken into custody by Sergeant Chang.

Sergeant Chang made friends with the heroes and invited them to join the interrogation of Agent 23.

Agent 23 and Agent 47 had a conversation in which she revealed that the theft of the sculpture was never the objective, rather it was a cover for a string of assassinations across the world. She let him know that GHIDORA was now in charge of the Agency they worked for, and that Agent 47 was burned when he got too close to learning this truth.

Agent 47 had been involved in an assassination which helped GHIDORA take control of a powerful feng shui site in Egypt, but he hadn’t known this was the real objective. Agent 47 was cut off by the Agency before he could discover the truth.

Mitsu’s ancestor Akiko has been working with Couch Potato to track down leads on where his nemesis Kuno Hisashi may have gone, and they believe he might have traveled into the Netherworld.

The heroes also asked Couch Potato to see if he could determine the identity of the sniper who was firing on them in the museum. She escaped the scene.


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