Born to Revengeance

Session 2015-12-02

Attempting to prevent the launch of an app which will expose billions of people to pop music which will literally brainwash them, The Dragons trace a mysterious signal to a secret Cosmodrome in the mountains of Kazakhstan near Baikonur.



We see the South peak of Hua Mountain, in the Ancient Juncture. Its rocky surface is covered with snow, and the blizzard beats down. As we get closer, we can see a solitary figure leaping from one rocky crag to the next. It is Akiko. She’s bundled from head to toe in stealthy gear from ancient Japan.

She reaches the peak of the mountain and pushes through the snowy woods to the doors of the Abundant Heart Cloister. As she approaches, the cloister bell rings.

Sergeant Chang

Sergeant Chang stands before his Lieutenant in the Kowloon Police Precinct. On the TVs behind him are news reports that gangster Ugly Shing’s condition has improved enough to move him into the Stanley Prison in Hong Kong.

The Lieutenant gives Sergeant Chang a compliment, then hands him a folder with his next assignment. Chang opens the folder and his eyes go wide. He has dreaded receiving this order, but he salutes the Lieutenant and starts organizing his men.

Dick Manly

Dick Manly is driving down the Pacific Coast Highway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. He is driving a white 1986 Ferrari Testarossa, like the one driven by Sonny Crockett on Miami Vice. He’s speaking into a cellphone as synth-driven guitar rock plays on the speakers.

Brick hears his message later:

  • Hey bro
  • Mom’s having second thoughts about the place in Hong Kong
  • All the violence there
  • She wants to know when you’re gonna settle down
  • Maybe you could convince her, I don’t know

Baikonur Cosmodrome

Agent 47

Agent 47 has been abducted by GHIDORA leader Ma Yujun and is being held inside the Cosmodrome. He slips out of his handcuffs and bides his time before escaping.

Ma Yujun explains to him that the mysterious signal they are broadcasting will work together with the subliminal messages within Magdalena’s music to expose anyone who listens to two-way surveillance by GHIDORA. They will be able to listen in and send signals to the brains of anyone who has experienced Magdalena’s music—an estimated four billion people once her free app goes live.

Everyone Else

In the mountains near the Cosmodrome, Brick Manly, Fletcher, and Mitsu watch as a rocket lifts off into space with a vintage Russian space shuttle mounted on its back. The rocket contains intrepid reporter Lakshmi Chopra as a hostage.

They further observe as Agent 47 is led by GHIDORA soldiers across the landing strip toward a second space shuttle.

Brick takes a large chunk of bark from a tree and sleds down the snowy hill, shouting “Brick Manly!”

Cosmodrome Fight

Agent 47 leaps free of the soldiers. Mitsu slices a tree and runs down the trunk as it falls toward the landing strip. Fletcher skates down the side of the hill on the snow.

Together The Dragons make short work of Ma Yujun and his soldiers. Ma attempts to fend off the Dragons with a massive machine gun and dozens of soldiers carrying assault rifles.

Brick takes a few hits from the soldiers’ guns but closes on Ma Yujun and manages to knock him out.

Mitsu faces a GHIDORA thug called Mr Katsuhiro, who wears reinforced metal braces on his arms. The battle is short, and Mitsu takes him out.

Inside the Cosmodrome

Agent 47 leads the way into the Cosmodrome itself, where they take the control room. They destroy the computer controlling the launch of Magdalena’s app, preventing the app from launching.

One of the technicians tells the heroes that there is still a signal coming from the moon. If that signal is not stopped, anyone who listens to Magdalena will find themselves unable to get her songs out of their head, leading to mania and insanity.

Brick Manly enters the room in a bulky cosmonaut suit and says “We’re going to the moon!”

In the Shuttle

They strap into the shuttle and Agent 47 does his best to work out the Russian shuttle controls. The ship launches.

Before they can leave the Earth’s atmosphere, the shuttle is hailed by a pair of Russian fighters, demanding they cancel their launch. Agent 47 uses his knowledge of Russian bureaucracy to stall the fighters until the shuttle reaches the upper atmosphere.

The fighters launch missiles at the shuttle, but the missiles lose power and can’t reach the shuttle as it exits the Earth’s atmosphere and heads for the Moon.

On the Moon

They reach the shuttle’s destination and find a secret base on the Moon—it looks like it was originally a Russian design, but it is currently operational and controlled by GHIDORA.

Agent 47 steers the shuttle to a rough landing in front of the base, and the group enters through an airlock. They’re faced with a squad of GHIDORA soldiers, who fly out the airlock when the Dragons open it.

Inside the Moonbase

Inside the base the heroes face more GHIDORA soldiers and a Gene Freak called Silverfish, who is green and stretchy.

They freeze Silverfish with coolant and shatter him into pieces, before following GHIDORA agent Rose Yang and facing off against her. She is attempting to flee with Lakshmi Chopra, but the heroes overpower her.

They leave her alive and find they have just enough spacesuits and just enough space in the single working shuttle to return to Earth with Lakshmi and Rose.

Setting the Moonbase to self-destruct, the Dragons take off and crash land the shuttle’s landing pod in Hong Kong bay.

Back in Hong Kong

Rose Yang agrees to go to work for the Towson sisters at IKTV in the Netherworld, in an attempt to escape GHIDORA’s grasp. The heroes head toward their HQ in Chungking Mansions.

When they approach, they see police cars and vans have surrounded the building and are unloading boxes full of equipment from the basement of Chungking Mansions. Smoke floats out of the stairwell and people mill around, confused.

Sergeant “Eyebrows” Chang spots The Dragons, and tells them he had no choice, the order came from his superiors. The government has traced illegal computer activity to this location—bypassing firewalls, hacking government servers, etc.

There is no sign of Couch Potato and Sergeant Chang says the police don’t have him.

The heroes head off in search of a new portal to escape into the Netherworld.

Session 2015-11-18
Off The Charts Part II

The Dragons trace GHIDORA‘s mysterious brainwashing signal to a remote location in the Ural Mountains on the eve of the launch of pop star Magdalena’s app. Intrepid reporter Lakshmi Chopra may be in over her head asking questions about the conspiracy.

  • Montage
  • Dubai
  • Kubek, Kazakhstan
  • Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan


Ma Yujun

In a shadowy room in front of a 10-foot logo of GHIDORA on the wall, Ma Yujun sits at a desk, his single prosthetic eye gleaming red. Rose Yang stands before him, her eyes down in supplication.

He slams his fist down on the table, where he’s got an arrangement of newspapers:

Rose Yang raises her eyes and looks at Ma Yujun, then starts to lay out a plan…

In Hong Kong

Toto gives Couch Potato a hug as she leaves the Dragons HQ and takes the elevator up to the ground floor of the massive Chungking Mansions residential block. She gets into Sergeant Chang’s car and they drive off toward the police station.


The heroes are ambushed by assassins before they leave Dubai. They learn that reporter Lakshmi Chopra wants to meet them in Kubek, Kazakhstan, with important information. Agent 47 learns Emily Sato is in danger from his long-lost daughter.

Question and Answer

In the early morning in Dubai, the Dragons interrogate Sophie, the GHIDORA enforcer they wounded the previous evening after killing her sister Claudine to protect retired Russian General Anatoly Timokhovich.

General Timokhovich gave the Dragons some information and sailed out onto the ocean, hoping to sail around the world in his old age before GHIDORA finally catches up with him.

Sophie tells the Dragons that she and Claudine are simply assassins, instructed to remove anyone who knows too much about GHIDORA’s current projects. She herself doesn’t know the details of the projects, however. She indicates that investigative reporter Lakshmi Chopra is also targeted for assassination.

Brunch with Lakshmi

Brick Manly receives a call from Lakshmi Chopra, asking to meet her alone at the Atlantis, The Palm hotel bar. Brick gets wired for sound and meets Lakshmi in the bar. Fletcher attempts to listen in from nearby but she spots him.

Agent 47 receives a call from Emily Sato, the former GHIDORA sniper he is protecting at his safehouse in Hong Kong. She tells him she’s heard that dummy corporations have been buying up rocket fuel and shipping it to Kazakhstan. Her voice is cut off when a young woman comes on the line. “Bonjour, Papa. Je te vois bientot”. (“Hello, father. I’ll see you soon.”)

At the Atlantis, The Palm hotel bar, Lakshmi Chopra tells Brick she is investigating mysterious occurrences and that she has information which can help him, if he will confide in her as well. She asks him if the name “Baikonur Cosmodrome” means anything to him.

He refuses to tell her anything, but their conversation is cut short by a squad of GHIDORA hitmen in wetsuits who smash the bar’s massive aquarium from the inside and begin firing on the crowd with submachineguns.

In the cafe where Fletcher waits, and in the parking garage where Agent 47 and Mitsu listen in, GHIDORA hitmen also attack.

The Dragons fight off the assassins, and Lakshmi Chopra tells Brick it’s imperative that he and his friends meet her in Kubek, Kazakhstan.

Kubek, Kazakhstan

The Dragons make their appointment at the restaurant Daredzhani in Kubek, Kazakstan, a small town in the Ural Mountains near the Russian border.

A jovial host named Valentin welcomes the Dragons and serves them beshbarmak, a Kazakh dish of boiled lamb and noodles.

Valentin tells Agent 47 he has a phone call from a “Miss Sato”. Agent 47 takes the call and hears a piercing, high-pitched sound which blacks him out.

The Dragons become worried as neither Lakshmi Chopra nor Agent 47 is anywhere to be found. They rough up Valentin who pleads with them that he knows nothing about any of it.

They ask around and between them, Brick, Fletcher and Mitsu determine that there’s an electrified fence keeping people away from a large area in the mountains. They get a local man named Almaty to help them. Brick gives him a generous donation and Almaty drives his car through the fence.

Baikonur Cosmodrome

Agent 47 awakes inside a room in a massive hangar. It is the Baikonur Cosmodrome, a massive abandoned staging ground for Soviet space exploration which has been repurposed by GHIDORA.

Agent 47 is wearing headphones, through which are playing a song, “Love on the Moon”, by Magdalena.

Ma Yujun greets him and takes him on a tour of the facility, boasting about the sophistication of GHIDORA’s plan.

The real plan, Ma says, is not to create machete-wielding maniacs, but to create a two-way surveillance connection with the minds of everyone who has listened to Magdalena’s music. Currently that number stands at around 1 billion people, but once her music app goes live on every mobile platform in the world, it will be closer to 3-4 billion.

GHIDORA will be able to listen in on their thoughts and conversations, and to whisper in their ears without them even knowing what is happening.

Ma Yujun shows Agent 47 the control room, which manages the two launch platforms outside the hangar. On the two platforms are two large rockets, each with a space shuttle on its back.

Lakshmi Chopra has been imprisoned on one of the space shuttles. The shuttle countdown reaches zero and the shuttle lifts off into space. The countdown for the second shuttle begins at T minus 30 minutes.

From the cliffs near the Cosmodrome, the other Dragons look on as they see cosmonauts in large, bulky spacesuits loading onto the first shuttle, followed by Lakshmi Chopra, tied and kicking and screaming. They observe the shuttle’s engines ignite and the rocket blasts off into space.

Sites Attuned: 4
Sites Burned: 0
Advancements: 5
Failed Advancement Rolls: 0
Advancement Roll Modifier: 0
Advancement Target: 4

Agent 47 rolled a successful advancement roll, so the heroes attained their sixth advancement.

Session 2015-11-11
Off The Charts Part I

GHIDORA has been adding brainwashing signals to music released by pop sensation Magdalena. Magdalena’s next album will be released soon and will be preinstalled on millions of smartphones, exposing nearly everyone with a mobile device to the signal.

The Dragons make their way to Romania, Monte Carlo, and Dubai in their attempt to uncover the truth behind these mysterious signals.


Agent 47 infiltrates a secret military listening post in the mountains of Romania. From computer files in the base, he learns of three names which have been identified as voices on the mysterious Russian signal which has been transmitting since the late 1970s:

Only Anatoly Timokhovich, the retired Russian General, is still alive.

Together, Agent 47 and Couch Potato track down details about Anatoly Timokhovich’s girlfriend, Italian socialite Alessa Ferragni, who has just embarked on a gambling holiday in Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo

The Dragons visit the Casino de Monte Carlo. Brick Manly gambles with Alessa Ferragni and attempts to seduce her, when he is interrupted by the arrival of his brother, Dick Manly.

Dick Manly is loud and boorish, but Brick spends some time with him, learning that Ed Masterson has been reporting security breaches at the Manly Steel Mill in New Mexico. Brick sends Dick to the bar with Fletcher and introduces himself to Alessa Ferragni.

With a little help from Agent 47, Brick makes a good impression on Alessa and the two retire to her room at the hotel. On the way to her room, Brick receives a call from Julie Li in Hong Kong, which he lets go to voicemail.

He learns that Alessa Ferragni has been dating an older man, and that she will be joining him in Dubai at a charity ball in a week’s time.

The next day, Brick speaks with Julie Li, who tells him that Gordon Chan, Natalie Chan‘s widower, has filed to adopt Toto, the child wounded in the attack which killed Natalie. Brick tries to deceive Julie about who he’s been meeting in Monte Carlo, but she doesn’t seem to buy it.


The Ball

At the Atlantis, The Palm hotel in Dubai, the Dragons attend a charity ball sponsored by the Global Health Initiative, an environmental charity run by Ma Yujun, who is also a board member of pop icon Magdalena’s record company. Magdalena is scheduled to perform at the ball.

Brick and Fletcher go undercover as security, while Agent 47 adopts a disguise and the identity of Jean-Pierre Polnareff, a French pharmaceutical investor. Mitsu is Jann Lee, head of a smithing and metallurgy concern.

Old Friends

Agent 47 is surprised to see Rose Yang, the owner of Gold Star Studios, in Hong Kong. The Dragons previously encountered Ms. Yang when they stole the device which adds brainwashing signals to Magdalena’s music. She greets him and introduces Ma Yujun, a bald Chinese man with an unusual prosthetic covering his eyes, with a signal lens in the center.

Outside on their security detail, Brick and Fletcher spot twin enforcers Claudine and Sophie, whom they also encountered at Gold Star Studios. The twins give Brick and Fletcher a knowing nod.

Inside, Ma Yujun speaks to the crowd, telling them Magdalena’s app will be launched on every mobile platform in the world and will include ways for people to contribute to the Global Health Initiative. Then he introduces Magdalena, who begins to perform a song.

Leaving So Soon?

Agent 47 and Mitsu spot Alessa Ferragni with the Russian General in the ballroom. Claudine and Sophie leave their post outside and cross the ballroom toward the General. They poke a gun into his ribs and the foursome slowly walks out front of the hotel.

Alessa Ferragni puts up a struggle, when Claudine shoots her in the gut and she collapses. Fletcher immediately fires two arrows into Claudine’s throat, killing her instantly.

Sophie screams and takes the General hostage. Agent 47 shoots her and she falls to the ground, dropping the General. Mitsu follows up and slices her severely with his katana. Then Brick performs an elbow smash and knocks her out.

General Timokhovich tells the heroes he’ll help them if they can keep him safe. Security guards approach from the hotel lobby and a helicopter flies overhead with a mounted machine gun.

Quick Getaway

Brick commandeers a vintage muscle car parked in front of the hotel, and they load the unconscious Sophie into the muscle car with Brick, Fletcher and the wounded Alessa Ferragni. Agent 47, Mitsu and General Timokhovich take a brand-new Aston Martin.

In the car, Fletcher performs first aid on Alessa Ferragni and saves her life.

The helicopter pursues the two cars down the highway, strafing them with the machine gun as it goes. The Dragons are able to lose the helicopter when it veers out of the way of an oncoming truck and fails its evasive maneuvers to avoid a plane taking off from the airport. The helicopter crashes into the ocean and the Dragons reach the General’s boat.

Brick drops off Alessa Ferragni at the hospital and the General takes the boat out to sea with the Dragons. He checks carefully for listening devices and then tells the heroes what he knows.

The General was part of a project when he was much younger, to create a signal that could brainwash enemies from a distance. He and others recorded words, phrases and sequences of numbers which were coded into a radio signal as subliminal messages. He doesn’t believe that the project reached its final stages but after he was no longer part of it, work continued.

Katerina Voloshyn, a Ukrainian scientist who was involved in the project, had approached him recently, telling him she’d been diagnosed with brain cancer and had only weeks to live. She had been trying to find out what was done to her, when she learned details of a location in the Ural Mountains which don’t show up on satellite images or radar scans of the area.

She was intending to go there and look for more information. She was killed in a car accident the next day.

Timokhovich also tells the Dragons that he had been approached by a reporter named Lakshmi Chopra, who was investigating the mysterious radio signal as well as links between random outbreaks of violence and Magdalena’s music. He didn’t tell her anything but she was extremely persistent and had clearly already uncovered a lot.

Sites Attuned: 4
Sites Burned: 0
Advancements: 4
Failed Advancement Rolls: 0
Advancement Roll Modifier: 0
Advancement Target: 4

Agent 47 rolled a successful advancement roll, so the heroes attained their fifth advancement.

Session 2015-11-04
The Perilous Child Part II

The heroes are commanded by Emperor Wu Zetian to track down and prevent an Eaters of the Lotus plot against the kingdom. Back in Hong Kong, they restore scrappy kid Toto from a poison-induced coma and engage in a breakneck chase to get her to a safehouse. During the chase, triad gangster Ugly Shing is defeated and taken to prison.

In Hong Kong

Community Centre

Gordon Chan holds a press conference announcing the reconstruction of the Norman Road Community Centre, now called the Natalie Chan Memorial Community Centre. He denounces the culture of gangsterism and says he intends to honor his wife’s memory by standing up to the thugs and gangsters who are poisoning Hong Kong.

Ugly Shing

Ugly Shing’s daughter Shing Meimei was arrested for illegal gambling. In exchange for leniency she has agreed to provide some information about Ugly Shing that the police can use. They still need more evidence to prosecute him, but if Toto recovers she would be able to testify against him as well.

Sergeant Eyebrows Chang is the only one on the force who believes that Toto could provide information about Ugly Shing.

Chang has become a laughing stock since the magician Kao Xiao-ming escaped from his cell. He lost a lot of men at the HK Museum of Art. His Lieutenant is on the verge of demoting him to desk duty.

Chang confides in the heroes that he doesn’t have the resources to protect Toto if she should wake up, but if they can get her to a safehouse it would be a boost to Chang’s reputation and his career, as well as being the nail in the coffin for Ugly Shing.

If they can get Toto to a safehouse, the police will have what they need to arrest Ugly Shing.

Some evidence

1. Master Gan’s fox totem is gone, it was stolen by the Traitor Monk and given to the Eaters of the Lotus
2. Evidence at the Abundant Heart Cloister indicated that the ninja clan hired by Ugly Shing made a deal with the Hua Clan for the Thousand-Year Bloom.

Lotus Plot

Journals and letters at the Two Moons Mountain Fortress indicated that the Eaters of the Lotus had been working to perfect Kao Xiao-ming’s magical technique of growing full-size individuals from babies or children and infusing them with powerful skills and personalities sympathetic to the Lotus’s aims.

The Eaters of the Lotus are experimenting with different ways to gain access to powerful individuals whom they can use as sources to create these infused warriors. Their brief alliance with the Traitor Monk was one of these experiments, but there are others.

Kao was able to get close to perfecting this only once before and create a warrior who was able to go out into the world with an infused personality created by his magic, but the technique was still not quite perfect.

In this case the source subject was drained of will and personality and rendered unusable as a source after only one infused warrior had been created.

Fang Wei’s experiments with Master Gan were going much better, but had not reached the final stages.

In the recovered letters, Fang Wei is given specific instructions to complete his experiments soon. Having acquired Master Gan’s Fox Totem and the Jade Tiger Heart of Virtue, the Eaters of the Lotus are very close to attaining all the artifacts they need for their larger objective, called The Divine Awakening of the Eight Thousand.

Imperial Audience

When the heroes return to Chang’an to leave the Ancient Juncture, they are stopped in the street by dozens of Imperial soldiers, who take them to the Daming Palace. Here they are given an audience with Emperor Wu Zetian.

She addresses them in her Imperial throne room, in front of an audience of courtiers and soldiers, including a burly Buddhist monk with an aggressive swagger.

She tells the heroes she has heard that they have been defeating sorcerers in the kingdom. Her sources have informed her there are sorcerers plotting against the kingdom and it is imperative that they be stopped.

Soon will be the wedding festival of the Emperor’s daughter, Princess Taiping, and shortly thereafter the palace renovations will be complete in the Eastern Capital of Luoyang and the Emperor will be moving there.

She instructs the heroes to find these sorcerers and stop their plot, and they will be rewarded with titles, silks, and precious gems and metals. If they fail it will be clear they are part of the conspiracy and will be dealt with accordingly.

Emperor Wu introduces Minister Li, an official who is their contact. Any time they have information they can approach the palace and ask to speak with Minister Li.

Princess Taiping

On the way out, the heroes are taken aside by Princess Taiping. She subtly threatens the palace guard with exile or worse and he allows her to speak with them privately.

She tells the heroes that there are conspiracies everywhere—her late husband Xue Shao was found to be complicit in an anti-government plot two years ago, and he was caned 100 times and starved to death. Since his body was intact, this was a more honorable death than the other conspirators, who were beheaded.

She asks the heroes about the abilities of these sorcerers they are facing, and instructs them to bring information about them to her as well as to the Emperor.

She also flirts with Brick Manly a bit.

She releases the heroes and they leave the palace and return to the Contemporary Juncture.

Back in Hong Kong

Couch Potato gives the heroes the name of an herbalist who extracts the poison antidote from the Thousand-Year Bloom and the heroes take it to the hospital.

Sergeant Chang

Sergeant “Eyebrows” Chang tells the heroes about his predicament—after failing spectacularly at the HK Museum of Art and with Kao Xiao-ming, the magician from the Dragon Boat Festival, Chang is on the verge of being demoted.

If he can bring in Ugly Shing alive, it could mean the difference between promotion and desk duty. He asks for the heroes’ help in getting Toto to a safehouse to protect him from Ugly Shing’s gang until she can testify against Shing.

Julie Li

Julie Li is happy to see Brick again, glad that he is safe. She tells him that as far as she’s concerned, she hopes that they kill Shing.


Fletcher administers the antidote to Toto, who wakes up, confused and scared. She breaks down in tears remembering Natalie Chan and what “that ugly man” did to her. The heroes promise that he won’t be able to hurt Toto again.

To the safe house

As the heroes are taking Toto to their car in the hospital’s garage, a squad of compact cars belonging to Ugly Shing’s gang approaches. Brick and Fletcher get Toto into the car while Mitsu drives his motorcycle.

Julie Li tosses a fire extinguisher into the windshield of the first compact car and Fletcher shoots it with an arrow, exploding a mist of white spray into the car. Brick drives off with the compact cars in pursuit.

As they reach street level, an SUV takes the lead in the chase against the heroes.

It doggedly pursues them through the streets of Hong Kong, with the compact cars behind.

Mitsu slashes several of the drivers of the smaller cars and takes them out, before getting rammed off his motorcycle by the SUV. He notices the SUV is driven by Deacon Yen, one of Ugly Shing’s gangsters who the heroes previously faced the day of the Community Centre massacre.

Mitsu is knocked off into a shop window, but he manages to leap onto the back of one of the compact cars and make his way, Frogger style, leaping his way from compact to compact. After leaping forward by several cars, one of the gangsters swerves at just the right time and Mitsu is thrown from the car.

Meanwhile, Toto is terrified but Brick manages to lose Deacon Yen in the crowded streets, when a new SUV driven by none other than Ugly Shing appears. A henchmen fires a machine gun at the heroes from the passenger seat.

The heroes evade Ugly Shing and swing around to pick up Mitsu, who dives from the street into the open car and leans out the window, ready to slash at Shing with his sword.

Fletcher fires several expertly-targeted arrow shots into Ugly Shing as his SUV closes in on the heroes’ car. Shing is taken out, his vehicle tumbling over a concrete barrier to land on its roof, nearly crushing the occupants.

Ugly Shing, barely alive, tries to crawl from the wreckage. The heroes phone Sergeant Chang and he arrives with an ambulance, squad cars, and an SDU team to take the gangster into custody.

Ugly Shing is going to prison.

Brick buys a Vespa to take Toto to the Dragons HQ, and Couch Potato has arranged a room for her to recover. Soon the police will be able to take her into protective custody.

Sites Attuned: 4
Sites Burned: 0
Advancements: 4
Failed Advancement Rolls: 0
Advancement Roll Modifier: 0
Advancement Target: 4

Mitsu rolled a successful advancement roll, so the heroes attained their fourth advancement.

Session 2015-10-28
The Forgotten Master Part II

The heroes track down Lotus eunuch Fang Wei, who has taken Fletcher’s Gan Nuwang to his original home, the Two Moons Mountain Fortress, in the Ancient Juncture. There they must fight against Fang Wei and his summoned demons, and Fletcher must free Gan Nuwang in order to restore his memory.

In Hong Kong

Eyebrows Chang

Sergeant “Eyebrows” Chang is pounding the pavement, hustling through back alleys in Hong Kong, visiting every fortune teller he can find, showing them a photograph of Kao Xiao Ming, the Magician he arrested at the Dragon Boat Festival who disappeared from his cell.

The fortune tellers all shake their heads that they haven’t seen him, until finally a little old lady nods and starts giving Chang some information.

On his way out of the shop, Sergeant Chang passes by geomancer Xiahou Yan, who’s shuffling through a book he just purchased on ‘Exposing the Secret Rulers of the Earth’.

Julie Li

Julie Li is working at the hospital when she sees a figure in a doctor’s gown peeking around the hallway toward Toto’s door, with a syringe in his hand. Julie creeps up behind him and, when he turns, she empties a can of mace into his eyes and knees him in the crotch!

A police officer and several of Charlie Hui‘s triad gangsters rush over to him and Julie holds up the man’s lanyard with his ID tag on it—it’s clearly a fake, nothing like her real badge!

The gangsters kick him a few times and the cops take him away.

Magdalena’s Killer App

In the news in Hong Kong and around the world are reports that pop star Magdalena will be soon launching a new app which will be free on every phone, tablet, mobile platform in the world, which will provide her new album to literally hundreds of millions of customers at once.

Couch Potato, knowing that Magdalena’s music contains brainwashing messages powered by a mysterious signal, reads this news and says “Not good, not good.”

In Chang’an

The heroes return to Chang’an from their newly-acquired temple on the South peak of Hua Mountain.

In the street they run into a public demonstration of a new Southern restaurant in town, boasting about having the best (xiao long bao) soup dumplings in the city. The chefs are clearly also martial artists with great skills. One of them is Crab-Head Sieh.

The heroes try out the soup dumplings, with Agent 47 dazzling the crowd with his description of the dumplings’ juicy goodness. Crab-Head Sieh invites the heroes to a meal in the restaurant.

Sieh Family Dumplings

They learn that Crab-Head Sieh comes from a martial arts family from Fo Shan, in Guangdong, and that he and his brothers have travelled across the country in search of the best spot to open their Southern-style restaurant.

Asked if he knows anything about a eunuch sorcerer named Fang Wei, Crab-Head warns the heroes that Emperor Wu Zetian has a policy of cracking down on sorcerers, especially eunuch sorcerers. She is known to be paranoid about it, and to have people executed for the merest suspicion of being associated with eunuch magicians.

He does inform the heroes that a village called Lantian, to the South, reported the disappearance of several small children recently, an act which is being blamed on black magic by the superstitious townsfolk.

As a parting gift, Crab-Head gives the heroes some Szechuan beef, advising them to let it dry overnight and take it as a snack on the road for their travels.


The heroes travel to Lantian and interview the Yan and Xu families, both of whom have lost children recently. Their young ones were playing peacefully, when there seemed to be a cold wind and the children were nowhere to be found.

After speaking with both families, the heroes noticed each of the children had a small wooden charm with a dancing figure on it. They set out into town to search for the origins of the charm.

The Escaped Magician

The heroes approached a fortune-teller shop to inquire about the charms, when they realized the fortune-teller was Kao Xiao-ming, the magician arrested at the Dragon Boat Festival for using magic to cause baby animals to grow into adult creatures. Kao had escaped from a locked jail cell in Hong Kong.

Kao tried to escape by causing a paper bird to transform into a real bird which he could ride to freedom, but Fletcher tackled him and the bird flew away.

After some intensive questioning by Brick, using methods learned from Mitsu, Kao revealed that he had given the children the charms to mark them so that the eunuch Fang Wei could kidnap them.

He indicated that Fang Wei took the children to the Two Moons Mountain Fortress—the original home of Fletcher and Master Gan Nuwang!

Sorcery at Two Moons

The heroes travelled further South to the Two Moons Mountain Fortress, and sent Agent 47 to investigate the situation.

The Fortress was guarded by some martial arts fighters who looked barely-conscious, as though animated by some mystical force.

Inside the temple, Agent 47 observed the eunuch sorcerer Fang Wei casting a spell on a group of children strapped to stone slabs around a cauldron brimming with blue smoke. As he watched, one of the children physically grew from a child into a young adult and stood up, becoming one of the zombified guards stationed around the temple.

The heroes assaulted the temple and Brick Manly began freeing the children in the main room. Agent 47 snuck into the basement where he observed Fang Wei performing a spell upon several of the zombified young men. Fletcher’s Master Gan Nuwang was there, with mystical energy transferring some of his life force and martial arts knowledge into the young men. Instead of zombified automatons, the young men transformed into agile and powerful martial artists!

Agent 47 barred the door to try to keep Fang Wei and the martial artists inside, but Fang Wei used a magic burst to explode the door outward and the battle began in earnest!

Showdown with a Sorcerer

In the course of the fight, Fang Wei cast Chi Blasts which caused beetles to burst through the floor and attempt to devour Brick Manly, he summoned ravens to attack Fletcher, and he blasted Agent 47 with a chilling burst of cold energy.

Master Gan clearly had no memory of Fletcher or his identity, but something was preventing him from doing incredible damage to the heroes, as though his conscience was still holding him back. A blue glow illuminated his eyes as he fought by Fang Wei’s side.

The heroes defeated the zombified mooks, the martial arts warriors, and after doing an incredible amount of damage to the eunuch Fang Wei, they finally destroyed the sorcerer. His arms severed and crawling about on their own, his eyes blinded, pierced through with dozens of arrows, Fang Wei exploded into a burst of blue smoke.

Master Gan recovered from the magical influence of the eunuch and Fletcher used the pressure point techniques he learned to restore Master Gan’s memories.


Master Gan humbly thanked all the fighters as Fletcher filled him in on what had happened since his kidnapping by the Traitor Monk Li Shuang and the burning of the Contemporary Juncture’s Two Moons Mountain Fortress.

He told Fletcher that a side effect of the pressure point technique used to restore Master Gan’s memory was that Master Gan was no longer able to practice martial arts. He announced that he’d be taking over the Ancient Juncture’s Two Moons Mountain Fortress and taking new students.

The heroes stayed with him and helped the rescue children recover before returning them to their homes. Those without homes stayed behind and became Master Gan’s new students. Master Gan invited both the heroes and the children to attune to the temple as a feng shui site, in the hopes that the flow of Chi might help them recover from their ordeals.

No. There is another

Master Gan also confided in Fletcher that Fletcher was actually born in the Past Juncture, in the 1830s. His father was a missionary in China and his mother was a local. Master Gan came upon the family being threatened by a bandit, and fought to protect them.

Gan was unable to save the lives of Fletcher’s parents, but he was able to blind the young bandit leader in the fight before the blinded bandit escaped … with Fletcher’s baby brother.

Master Gan doesn’t know what became of the bandit or of Fletcher’s young brother, but he felt like Fletcher could now reasonably understand and believe the true story about his family, and take whatever actions he thought best.

Session 2015-10-21
The Perilous Child Part I

In the Ancient Juncture, in Tang Dynasty Chang’an, the heroes found an herbalist who could provide more information about the flower which can provide the antidote for the poison which put scrappy kid Toto in a coma when she was struck by the sword of a ninja hired by Ugly Shing.

He informed them it’s known as the Thousand-Year Bloom, and is a rare and mysterious flower found only on the South peak of Mount Hua. According to folklore, it is tended by a woman named Lady Winter who isolated herself there when her family died in a famine.

They purchased some warmer clothes and some climbing gear, and travelled several days to the South peak of the mountain. They had begun the perilous climb when members of an esoteric kung fu sect attacked them on the side of the mountain.

The heroes fought off these kung fu cultists and reached the top of the snow-covered peak. There they discovered The Abundant Heart Cloister, an abandoned temple which was not so abandoned.

Lady Winter greeted them, an elegant Tang Dynasty lady with beautiful multicolored silk robes and accessories. She welcomed the heroes warmly and gave them tea. She left the room and her husband came out and greeted the heroes, telling them the Hua Sect of martial arts refuse to allow anyone access to the Thousand-Year Bloom.

Lord Winter left to fetch Lady Winter and she rang a cloister bell to summon members of the Hua Sect. A group of members arrived, led by a fighter named Chen Lo. They belligerently refused to listen to the heroes until Agent 47 drew his pistol and shot Chen Lo.

A fight broke out, at which point Lady Winter joined the fight, on the side of the Hua Sect. It soon became clear that the same individual was both Lord and Lady Winter, changing identities and genders upon every strike.

The heroes defeated Lady Winter and the kung fu cultists, leaving most of them alive, at which point Lady Winter showed the heroes to a small peak behind the temple, where the Thousand-Year Bloom grew.

She revealed that she and her husband had been cursed by the esoteric arts of the Hua Sect and the magic of the Thousand-Year Bloom after sacrificing their son to the flower in exchange for advanced martial arts. As her blood flowed onto the flower, it opened up into a full bloom and she died.

The heroes cut the flower and stored it in a bronze pot wrapped in silks. They learned from Chen Lo that the flower needed blood to bloom and that it could be a year or more before it grows again. They let the kung fu cultists go with a warning that this temple belonged to the heroes now.

They buried Lady Winter and performed funeral rites, then they refurbished the damaged temple over several days and spent a day performing a ritual of attunement.

Having attuned to a new feng shui site, the heroes determined to head back down the mountain and take the bloom back to the Contemporary Juncture, to cure Toto’s poison.

The heroes burned an enemy feng shui site and took it over, attuning to it as their own.

Jesse rolled a failing Advancement roll so the heroes have four failed rolls now, giving them a +2 to their advancement target on their next roll.

Sites Attuned: 3
Sites Burned: 1
Advancements: 2
Failed Advancement Rolls: 4
Advancement Roll Modifier: +2

Session 2015-10-07
The Forgotten Master Part I


Agent 23

In Kowloon Hospital, pretty nurse Julie Li checks the charts on Agent 23, handcuffed to her hospital bed. She leaves the room, past some HK cops who are standing up to argue with some of Charlie Hui’s triad men.

Julie passes by them and as we turn back to Agent 23’s room, we see an empty bed with handcuffs dangling past it. Agent 23 has escaped!

Emily Sato

A slim Japanese woman in her late 30s is terrified. She peers out the window of a tiny hotel room in Hong Kong with a gun in her hand. There is a case with a sniper rifle on the bed, as the TV news shows a headline reading “MUSEUM TERRORIST ESCAPES HOSPITAL”.

She thinks back to the Hong Kong Museum of Art, where we see through her sniper’s scope that it’s pointed at Agent 47. She’s about to pull the trigger, but she can’t do it! She shoots the wall near his head and he leaps into action.


Julie Li is in Toto‘s room at Kowloon Hospital. Charlie Hui’s triads stand guard outside. Next to Julie is an older lady wearing the robes of a fortune teller. She holds Toto’s hand, does some incantations over the body and draws a small wooden stick with some characters on it from a cup.

The fortune teller looks startled and confused.


Akiko is in the fortified offices of the Inner Kingdom TV in the Netherworld, talking with the Towson Sisters, two youthful-looking women in their 40s, wearing 80s power-suits with huge shoulder pads and big hair.

They pull up a video monitor that shows some footage of a tall, powerful man with reddish skin and a pope hat—Huan Ken, the King of the Thunder Pagoda. You saw him before, tossing someone into a Pop-Up Juncture as a punishment.

In the footage, Huan Ken is surrounded by an entourage of soldiers and Netherworld weirdos. In the entourage is a Japanese swordsman, looking around furtively—it’s Kuna Hisashi!

Akiko shudders and thanks the sisters as she leaves.


The heroes bade farewell to White Fan aka Chan Ping-Ping as she returned home to bury her family. Blind Lu’s bandits gave them some horses and they travelled back to the portal near Jizhou and re-entered the Netherworld.

The Guiding Hand

They visited The Guiding Hand’s Temple of Boundless Meditation where they received an audience with Perfect Master Quan Lo, the leader of the Guiding Hand.

Quan Lo was pleased with the deaths of Traitor Monk Li Shuang and Wong Hao-yan, the Far-Reaching Dragon. He confirmed that General Wong was indeed a member of the Ascended.

Unfortunately the manual containing the esoteric pressure point kung fu was destroyed, but Quan Lo offered to teach the techniques to Fletcher so that Fletcher could redeem his Master Gan Nuwang.

Fletcher first had to submit to the empowering but dangerous pressure point application used by Li Shuang on his men to increase their chi flow and enable them to learn kung fu faster.

Hong Kong

Fletcher stayed behind to train with Quan Lo while the other heroes returned to their Hong Kong base.

Brick’s phone blew up with texts and messages from Akiko, Julie Li, and from his mother, Mama Manly.

Julie Li told him that when scrappy kid Toto was injured by ninjas at the Community Centre, the poison that put her in a coma came from a plant last known to exist in the Tang Dynasty, during the time of Wu Zetian.

The heroes also learned of the escape of Agent 23 from the hospital, and that triad boss Charlie Hui sent his men to protect Toto from Ugly Shing.

Couch Potato told the heroes he had learned the name of a retired Russian general whose voice had been heard on the strange Russian signal which may be connected to the brainwashing of music fans listening to songs by pop singer Magdalena.

Emily Sato

Sniper Emily Sato approached Agent 47 for help, fearing that Agent 23 is going to hunt her down now. She told 47 how she left the Agency after realizing they were now simply a front for GHIDORA.

She told him how there was a jade artifact within the Jade Dragon of Virtue, the sculpture which was destroyed at the HK Museum of Art, called the Tiger Heart. GHIDORA was trying to prevent the Eaters of the Lotus from getting their hands on it. Now the artifact is missing.

Manly Family

Julie Li asked Brick if he could get his family to help provide some financial support to the Norman Road Community Centre. Natalie Chan’s husband Gordon intends to re-open it.

Brick placed a call to his mother but instead spoke with his brother, Dick Manly. Brick doesn’t know Dick Manly since Dick didn’t exist in the previous timeline. Now that Brick belongs to a wealthy, successful family, there’s a lot about his family he doesn’t know.

Dick was in Las Vegas, partying with his friends, but he told Brick he’d give Mama Manly the message and they’d send some money to the Community Centre.

A New Attunement

As a reward for their success at defeating Li Shuang and eliminating the Far-Reaching Dragon, the Guiding Hand allowed the heroes to attune to their Temple, a feng shui site.

The heroes spent the day meditating and became attuned to the site, then they got outfitted in Tang Dynasty-period robes and headed through a Guiding Hand-controlled portal into the Ancient Juncture.

Heroes in Chang’an

In the crowded, bustling city of Chang’an, the heroes stopped briefly to help a woman named Hua Yin as she was accosted by a pimp and some thugs. She gave them a hairpin as a gift of thanks and advised them to move along quickly before the town guards arrived.

David rolled a failing Advancement roll so the heroes have three failed rolls now, giving them a +1 to their advancement target on their next roll.

Sites Attuned: 2
Sites Burned: 0
Advancements: 2
Failed Advancement Rolls: 3

Session 2015-09-30
The Traitor Monk: Part IV

Before the Battle

The heroes prepare for the battle at Red Stone Gorge. Their objective is to defeat Li Shuang, the Traitor Monk, recover the secret pressure point kung fu manual, and discover the fate of Li’s betrothed Chan Ping-Ping. Brick Manly spends a romantic evening with Golden Fist Wei, one of the 3 martial arts masters they met in Raoyang.

Oath in the Garden

In a garden behind their inn, White Fan and the heroes become sworn brothers, pledging loyalty to each other now and in Heaven.

Outskirts Fight

They go into battle, fighting their way past Li’s Boxers with little resistance. The armies of Wong Hao-yan, the Far-Reaching Dragon, and Blind Lu the Bandit King are running interference.

Manchu Betrayal

Then the heroes are confronted by Wong and his soldiers—he tells them he knows they’re members of The Dragons and that their death is worth more to him than the Monk’s. He also intends to take the secret kung fu manual for himself. It seems likely that he is a member of The Ascended, and possibly a Transformed Dragon himself.

The heroes fight Wong Hao-yan and ultimately kill him, and the Imperial soldier scatter.

The Traitor Monk

Then the heroes confront Li Shuang, the Traitor Monk, at the Red Stone Gorge. He reveals that the three masters accompanying the heroes are actually his best enforcers! The heroes battle the three masters and defeat them. During the fight, Golden Fist Wei breaks Brick Manly’s arm before he kills her.

Li’s Boxers battle with great strength, because Li used a pressure point technique to increase their chi flow and enable them to learn powerful kung fu in a short amount of time. Unfortunately it is an unstable technique, leading some Boxers to explode due to increased pressure from within.

Li Shuang indicates that he burned down Two Moons Mountain Fortress, kidnapped Master Gan Nuwang, and used his pressure point kung fu to give Master Gan amnesia. He also stole a small engraved ceramic totem which Master Gan kept. Li delivered Master Gan and the totem to ‘wrinkly old eunuchs’, presumably referring to the Eaters of the Lotus.

White Fan

During the fight, White Fan is badly wounded but continues pressing his attack against Li Shuang. Li asks White Fan for his name, and White Fan tears his shirt off, revealing the bandage-wrapped chest of a young woman.

White Fan reveals that ‘he’ is Chan Ping-Ping, who became a martial artist to be worthy of Li Shuang when they were betrothed. But now Li Shuang has betrayed this world of martial arts and killed Chan’s family.

Death of the Monk

Li Shuang uses his pressure point technique to paralyze Chan Ping-Ping, but the heroes are able to ultimately defeat him, with Mitsu slicing him badly with his sword and Brick setting the temple on fire.

Interrogating some of Li’s men, the heroes are able to determine that Li Shuang took the amnesiac Master Gan to the Ancient Juncture and delivered him to the Eaters of the Lotus.

Brick rolled a failing Advancement roll so the heroes have two failed rolls now.

Sites Attuned: 1
Sites Burned: 1
Advancements: 2
Failed Advancement Rolls: 2

Session 2015-09-23
The Traitor Monk: Part III


The heroes sought the advice of an acquaintance of White Fan’s, a former delivery service bodyguard named Bo Jiang. He told them the red dirt they found at the Chan family home comes from Yulin, in the Shaanxi provice, several days’ ride to the West.

Road to Yulin

The heroes found a small merchant caravan travelling West and hired on to protect them. Along the way they encountered a gang of bandits belonging to Blind Lu’s gang. They were seeking revenge on the heroes for beating some of their members when the heroes first arrived. They also seemed to believe the heroes were on the side of the Traitor Monk.

Eventually the heroes convinced them they were not. They arranged to fight alongside Blind Lu’s gang against the Traitor Monk Li Shuang.


At Yulin, the heroes met Imperial General Wong Hao-yan, the Far-Reaching Dragon, the majestic new Imperial leader in charge of bringing Li Shuang to justice.

They arranged with Wong to fight together with Blind Lu’s gang against Li Shuang.

White Fan was clearly frustrated by the savagery of Li Shuang’s behavior and by having to work alongside the Manchus, drinking himself into a stupor that night.

The heroes encountered Golden Fist Wei, Invincible Foot Wang, and Iron Head Lin, and arranged for those three heroes to join them in the battle against Li Shuang as well. They spent the evening drinking together.

Fletcher rolled a failing Advancement roll so the heroes have one failed roll now.

Sites Attuned: 1
Sites Burned: 0
Advancements: 2
Failed Advancement Rolls: 1

Session 2015-08-26
The Traitor Monk: Part II

In Hong Kong

We see Akiko walking into the hospital and sitting down next to Julie Li. They’re somber, and we see they are both sitting near Toto, the child who was injured by ninjas at the community center.

We see Sergeant Eyebrows Chang in his office at the police station, some other cops are poking fun at him as he fills out the paperwork covering the unexplained disappearance of the suspect from the Dragon Boat Festival.

We see geomancer Xiahou Yan looking on the internet at stories about the chaos at the Dragon Boat Festival, then he opens a new browser and types in a search for “animal transformations”….

Imperial Entanglements

The heroes head to Raoyang along the road from Jizhou. On the way they encounter a Manchu Imperial checkpoint where Imperial soldiers led by Imperial General Dong Jianbo are stopping travelers and harassing them.

White Fan says he can’t stand by and let this happen. The heroes join him and attack the soldiers.

In the fight, Brick Manly beats one Imperial soldier so bad with his shoe that the soldier runs away, fleeing the fight.


The heroes visit a brothel in Raoyang. They meet three martial heroes named Golden Fist Wei, Invincible Leg Wang, and Iron Head Lin.

They speak to two of the courtesans who spent time with Li Shuang, the Traitor Monk, recently. He became emotional about being in Raoyang and told them he had been betrothed to a girl named Chan Ping-Ping when they were children.

His family was later killed by the Manchus and Li Shuang went to Shaolin to train in martial arts. The general who killed his family died of old age and poor health before Li Shuang could get his revenge, leading Li to betray the temple and reject their lifestyle.

The heroes snuck into the home of a wealthy businessman to speak with the third courtesan, who told them that Li Shuang was obsessed with Chan Ping-Ping, and vowed to marry her again ‘or else’.

Massacre at the Chan houseold

At the Chan family home, the heroes discovered the entire Chan family and their servants dead, some frozen into place by esoteric pressure point techniques. One family servant survived but with complete amnesia.

A reddish dust and clay was found at the scene which didn’t match the local area.

Agent 47 rolled a passing Advancement roll so the heroes attained their second Advancement.

Sites Attuned: 1
Sites Burned: 0
Advancements: 2
Failed Advancement Rolls: 0


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